A Year in our World – Part Three

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Welcome to the third and penultimate instalment of my review of last year 🙂 I must warn you in advance that this post will probably feature those two pesky kittens quite a lot, so here’s a random non-kitten photo to start off with 😆



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Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…




Hmmm… I’m trying to recall…what was that big thing that happened in July? Oh yes! That was the month that not only one but TWO kittens invaded my World! 🙂 In the last episode of my blog, I revealed that the hoomins were only going to bring Spike home… a few visits to Sue’s house later and it had been decided that Annie would be living with us after all! What a palaver! 🙂


So on Friday 18th July, one day before they were 13 weeks old, the two peskies arrived here 😯 At first it wasn’t too bad as they stayed in their own room; I could hear but not see them which was fine by me! Mind you, they made enough noise in there, they sounded like a herd of elephants at times, not two little kittens 😀


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Spike soon loved this toy!


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Annie wants to explore outside!


But then, just a couple of days later, they were allowed out into MY cat garden! The cheek of it – no-one told me that would happen! 😯


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Spike exploring in the bamboo


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Lula keeping an eye on things


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I’m not sure about you!


But after a little while, I decided they probably weren’t so bad after all. Lula decided she liked them within a couple of weeks. Harry and Friday had accepted them quite quickly, though Robbie took a couple of months! But we knew he’d be like that, even before they were brought home – he’s a funny old chap sometimes who doesn’t like things to change.


We had another new arrival in July too – our Tigga Towers tree had proved such a hit and was such a wonderful place for us to rest in the kitchen/diner area, that it was decided we could also have one in the conservatory to watch birdies and the cows in the field and generally watch the world go by from in supreme comfort! Even Robbie decided to forget he didn’t like the kittens sometimes to have a snooze on it 😆


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Our lovely new Tigga Towers!




From lovely weather in July, August was a little less summery, though the Peskies continued to make themselves at home… *sigh* … 😀


Zzzz...Zzzz... Zzzz...
Zzzz…Zzzz… Zzzz…


Their big event this month was their very first show! They were going to The Pet Show on exhibition, along with Lula, to show off the Bengal breed to all the visitors. There was no judging involved, and although busy, my mummy and daddy were able to be with them 100% of the time, along with Sue our breeder, so they had a familiar face to look at and a cuddle whenever they wanted… Mind you, nothing phased them and they took it all in their stride!


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Taking it all in their stride


While they were snoozing in their exhibition pen, mummy and Lula went for a wander around the show hall, and who did they see? The very lovely and famous Bob from the best selling books by James Bowen of how they went from the streets to worldwide fame! Here’s Bob chillin on the chair!


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Bob the street cat star


James was meant to be signing books, and had a very long queue, but when he saw Lula, he decided to get up and say hello! He had a very long chat with both Lula and mummy (Bob stayed on his chair as he doesn’t like other cats). After a while, his agent had to drag James back to his chair as people were getting impatient for their books to be signed, what a very lovely man he is!


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James chatting to Lula (and mummy)




September dawned and Spike and Annie went to their very first competitive cat show! They did very well, both winning nearly all their classes 🙂 My mummy and daddy were very proud! 🙂  They were so well behaved too and were a real hit with judges and visitors 🙂


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Spike – first in all his classes except one 🙂


They also went to another exhibition show – the National Pet Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Again, they behaved impeccably and were real ambassadors for the breed 🙂


But the thing they most enjoyed? Spending time in MY cat garden 😆


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Handsome Spike


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Oh Annie!


But pretty soon we noticed changes on the other side of the fence from our garden! Whatever could it be? A mysterious building was emerging (my daddy was actually building it, but “emerging” sounds a lot more mysterious 😆 ) …


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Mysterious Building


We will no doubt find out in the next episode what that turned out to be, so tune in then folks! 🙂


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot


18 thoughts on “A Year in our World – Part Three”

  1. Oh that was so much fun reliving the arrival of the kittens! And that last photo of Spike is just stunning. I must ask your mummy if I can steal a copy for my FB profile some day ♥♥♥

    1. Yeah, tell me about it, Diane! The things my hoomins put me through 🙂 I have to cat nap whenever I can! 😆 xxx

  2. What an amazing year you’ve had, it’s lovely to read about the peskies arriving and seeing how quickly they settled in and were accepted by all you resident kitties. I must agree with June that the photo of Spike is stunning, he’s just a smidgeon off being as handsome as you Spotty cat! In fact I’m loving all the photos and your blog and it’s interesting to see how quickly you fell under the peskies spell 🙂 All that protesting and very soon you were sharing a bed with Annie, you’ve been found out, you’re just a great big lovable softie and I do love you xx <3 <3

    1. Awww….. I don’t have much choice, Edna, as she follows me around wherever she goes! She is definitely my mini-me! 😆 It’s a good job I’m a patient boy 🙂 Thank you! 🙂 xxx

  3. It’s lovely to read about the babies coming to live with you. They’re gorgeous and you know you love them really! xx

  4. Awww Thanks Spot for Part 3 =). I was happy to see James Bowen and Bob on the pics. I am an official Bobite =) =) =). By the way Spot, loved the first pic of you! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Betta! And of course, it was all down to you that we managed to get pics of mummy and Lula meeting James 🙂 xxx

  5. Oh wow Spot!!! I didn’t know you got to meet James and Bob!! I own and have read all of their books — pawsome!! ♥♥♥

    1. I didn’t get to meet them, Diane, it was Lula – she gets all the good gigs lol 🙂 But my mummy said they were very nice 🙂 xxx

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