We’re back! And properly this time!!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Oh my days, we’ve been having quite a few problems with the website this week… we’ve not been able to load pictures and have had lots of niggly things going wrong! The store has been unaffected as that is hosted on a different server, though of course you still see it seamlessly on our page 🙂 So all the orders in progress will be sent out as normal tomorrow.


It all started to go wrong when mummy went to install what should have been a routine upgrade to Word Press, the system we use to bring you our website. It didn’t upload properly which completely crashed the site and manual instalments didn’t solve the problems fully! 😯


So mummy has spent today learning lots of new programs to fix all these problems and all seems to be 100% ok now!! And the good news is that if it happens again in future, mummy will be able to resolve it all very quickly!


So we’re sorry we’ve not posted as much as we would have liked, but normal service can resume now! Here’s some nice pics to celebrate 🙂


Brown spotted bengal cat
Yay! The website’s working!
Snow spotted bengal cat
Lula is chilled – she knew it would work out!
Brown spotted bengal cat
I’m watching that Lula because….
Snow spotted bengal cat
…. she’s back to chasing bugs now we’ve sorted out the website!


We have lots of things we want to write about in our Advice Centre and so many new blog posts to write, so we are very happy things are now sorted out!


Thanks for listening to our woes, my friends!

Love from Spot


16 thoughts on “We’re back! And properly this time!!”

  1. That profile shot of you in the grass is so scrumptious! I want to kiss your little face, Spot. Mummy and Daddy will have to do it for me, please! 😛

  2. Spot I’m so glad to see you back! These are wonderful photos of you and Lula!!! Your mummy is a real computer whiz to fix this all on her own with your help of course. I barely know my way around the electronic world but keep trying! Welcome back! xxxxx

    1. Thanks, Linda! My mummy said it’s a good job there’s lots of helpful forums out there in the digital world where you can learn to do just about anything! 😎 xxxx

  3. Phew that’s a relief Sir Spot 😮 I know how your poor Mummy feels, in May my laptop crashed, I’d only had it for 6 months! It had to go away to the laptop hospital & have a new brain (hard drive hehehehe) so i lost a lot of my course work & loads of pictures of Aneksi 👿

    Glad everything’s ok now

    Clare xxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Oooh no, Clare! That must have been awful for you 😯 I am pleased your laptop got better after the visit to the laptop hospital 😎 We’re very happy now as we have been a bit worried about the website all week, but all is back to normal now :mrgreen: :mrgreen: xxxxx

  4. Daddy takes such great photos! He’s truly amazing in his work! I guess it helps to have such great models, though! 😀 I’m happy to see Lula enjoying the hammock, too! You’ve given me so many ideas on what I can make for my kitties that I think they would enjoy! I just love reading your blog and following you on facebook! Keep up the great work! Love you all!

    1. Thanks very much, Lisa! Actually though my mummy took all those pics! 🙂 Daddy is very good at taking photos, but he has been busy doing some maintenance on the house recently (the big house, not our cat house 😉 ), so he hasn’t had much time to take photos of us 😎 I’m pleased if you can try some of our ideas for your kitties! :mrgreen: xxxx

  5. Yay! =^.^=

    My laptop had been slow lately. 👿

    ‘love the cute pics, Spotty – the first one shows that you have a very cute meow. =^.^=

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