Website working again!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Oh my days! I have been so worried over the last couple of days! Our website crashed with lots of fatal error messages! We thought we had lost it all! The good news is that, maybe with a couple of minor blips (such as smilies not working properly), we are up and running again!  We will of course iron out these small issues as soon as we can!


We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused!


Love from Spot xxxxx



14 thoughts on “Website working again!”

  1. BCW. . .glad all is well again!! I have been really busy lately — with work and doing rescue cat transports. . . and of course, taking care of my own babies!! Looking forward to more great pics and stuff from you!! <3 <3 <3

  2. So pleased you’re up and running again and that you haven’t lost everything. Computers are great things until they go wrong, did you fix things yourself Spot or did you get your daddy to help? I think you probably supervised which of course is the hardest job 🙂 xx ♥ ♥

    1. My mummy was the one who fixed it all, Edna – she had to re-upload all the FTP files, whatever that means! We did what should have been a routine upgrade of the WordPress system and it all went downhill from there! But you are correct – I sat and watched to make sure she did it right 🙂 xxx

    1. We are pretty tired, June – not much sleep was had last night 🙂 But now we have other things to worry about, with Yogi going missing 🙁 Makes the website problems fade into insignificance 🙁 xxx

  3. Aww how good that you´re up again! Just thought you´d had too much to do, to have time to sit down to talk to us! Happy that you got it fixed and here it looks like all the smilies are back up 😀 Hope you have had time to sit down and relax after the hard work with this! You need to do that also so you don´t get ill Spot. Too much stress is not good! Take care dear friend and talk to you later on 😉

    1. Our smilies still aren’t working, Betta – are yours? Thanks for your kind words my lovely friend <3 xxx

      1. Yes my smilies are working now so we must just wait and see until yours start to work then 🙂 Well at least we can “talk” and that´s the most important thing :mrgreen:

  4. Spot so glad to hear your website is up and running again. Computers are so frustrating sometimes. I can still feel your smiles even if they don’t show up. :). I’m so very sorry to hear Yogi is missing. That just breaks my heart to think about that. I have high hopes he will be found very soon, a little hungry and scared but glad to be home. Many hopes and prayers for his safe return. Love you all. Your friend, Linda xxxxx

    1. Great news all round: Yogi came home and now the website is working properly again – smilies included! Yay! Thanks for being a nice friend, Linda xxxxx

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