Spike and Annie’s latest day out!

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Hello my friends, Spot here!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ I’m here as your show reporter for yesterday’s outing! I think some of you might like to know how the Peskies got on, so being as my mummy bribed very kindly gave me some of my favourite chicken treats, I thought I’d oblige πŸ™‚

So the day started off as usual quite early, and most of us carried on sleeping whilst all the kerfuffle was going on πŸ™‚ The hoomins and Peskies soon left and made their way to Sue ourΒ breeder’s house to give her a lift as she was Duty Vet at the show.

As per the last show, there was some drama on the way – yet another fire! 😯 This time it was in a factory, and the hoomins and Peskies got stopped by a nice policeman who told them the road was closed, so they had to divert around some country lanes which was a bit of a problem being as they didn’t really know where they were going 😯

This made them a little late arriving at Sue’s house, but she was ready and waiting and they were soon on their way a little bit up north to Wigan πŸ™‚

On arrival, they settled into their pens, Spike had a good look around and soon settled in πŸ™‚

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Settled Spike


Annie on the other hand likes to have a good look in and around her pen and check that all is in order before she settles down πŸ™‚


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Checking out the pen


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It all seems ok πŸ™‚


She was so busy checking out her pen that she tipped all her water over and mummy had to dry it out πŸ™‚ Silly girl πŸ™‚

After a while, the hall began to fill up with all the other cats and their hoomins, there was about 225 cats in this show in total of all breeds including Pedigree Pets (like Annie) and non-pedigree pets too πŸ™‚

Then the morning judging began and the hoomins bit their fingernails whilst waiting for the results, silly things πŸ˜†

Annie is in the Olympian Class, and only needs one more certificate to reach Olympian Silver level. There were only two in the class yesterday, so unless the Judge withheld one or both of them, one would get the coveted Olympian and one would get Olympian Reserve.

Usually, with the Olympian being the top class, this is done first, but my mummy saw that all the other classes were gradually getting the results published, including Olympian male, but not Olympian Female!

So she went to ask what was happening and was told that the judge was very torn! She could not decide between Annie and the other girl, so was judging her other classes to try and help her make her mind up!

So it was a bit of a wait…. but the results eventually came out and…. Annie was awarded reserve πŸ™ The other girl pipped her at the post! So she has to wait a bit longer to get to the elusive Olympian Silver level!

She did, however, beat another Bengal to win Best of Colour so that was a nice consolation.

In her side classes, it wasn’t as good a day as she’s had previously, she came 2nd out of 4 in the class “Any Pedigree Pet” and 3rd out of 4 for “Prettiest Female”.

So it just wasn’t her day, but you can’t win every time! πŸ™‚

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Annie’s rosettes

So how did Spike do?

He’s aiming for his Imperial title, he has 2 Imperial certificates and needs another 3 to achieve the title. There were 5Β other boys in his class yesterday, so it was tough.

A little too tough as he wasn’t awarded it, it went to another Bengal boy, and the Reserve went to an Asian Smoke.

My mummy didn’t hold out much hope then for Best of Breed… there Β were 4 brown spotty Bengals in total who were competing for it, including the one who had won the Imperial, plus it was a judge who had not seemed to rate Spike in other shows….

So she was VERY surprised – and happy – when he won it! Yay! What a clever boy! But it didn’t stop there….

In his side classes, he came 1st out of 3 for ‘Foreign Visitor Neuter’ (again beating the boy who had won the Imperial) and 1st out of 4 in the special class judged on Temperament and Condition, beating two other Bengals and a Russian Blue!

So out of theΒ fourΒ classes he was entered into, he came 1st in three of them! πŸ˜€

Overall, then, it was a bit of a mixed day, but the hoomins seemed happy and when they came home we all had some yummy food and some more of my favourite chicken treats (I’m beginning to think that perhaps the hoomins should buy shares in that company πŸ˜† )

The next show that one of the Peskies – Annie – will be going to is…. The Supreme! This is the pinnacle of our show calendar and it takes place in just under 4 short weeks! Β How will she do? Who knows? But we’ll be sure to let you know here πŸ™‚ (as long as those lovely chicken treats keep coming πŸ˜† )

Take care my friends!

Love from






15 thoughts on “Spike and Annie’s latest day out!”

  1. Well done Spike and little Annie too, a bit of a nail biting day but some great results. Thank you Spot for telling us all about it. Xxx

  2. Hi Spike! Kaiya and Nyssa (4 month and 5 month old spotted Bengals) will be attending their first show in 2 weeks. Any advice for helping them to have a wonderful time?

    1. Try and be as relaxed as possible as they will pick up if you’re not πŸ™‚ It depends on if you’re going to a TICA / FIFE show or a GCCF show as they have differences. If you’re going to TICA or FIFE you can stay with them all day, if GCCF you have to leave them in the morning – there’s an article all about GCCF shows on this website πŸ™‚ Most of all, enjoy it! If you would like any specific questions answered, please email us πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Spot! Kaiya and Nyssa (4 month and 5 month old spotted Bengals) will be attending their first show in 2 weeks. Any advice for helping them to have a wonderful time?

  4. It seems it was Spike’s turn to take the limelight, well done ! As for Annie, it was obviously a very close match and unfortunately she was pipped at the post. Regardless, warmest Congratulations to them both xxxxx

  5. Congratulations to Spike, he did very well. I am glad that little Annie won best of colour and wish her the best of luck in her next show. You really are spoilt with all those chicken treats Spot, but then you deserve them. xxxx

  6. Hiya Spot and Gang, wow the kiddos are doing a great job, obviously following in your paw prints aye Spot. I love the photos.. I would love to see Robbie story soon , ive caught up with lot of the blogs, you should make a story book Spot, be great for reads… love to you all. Zoe xxx

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