So many cat trees!

 ~ This post is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Linda Carlisle Jenson. We were deeply saddened to learn of her unexpected passing. ~
~ Rest in peace, Linda ~


Hello my friends, Spot here!


Our weather still continues to be a bit naughty, most days are still quite windy and rainy – we hope that Spring will be here soon! But we were thinking that we are such lucky cats because even when the weather is bad, we still have so many wonderful places to hang out!


First of all, there is the very first cat tree that my mummy and daddy ever bought – long before any of us five were even born! It did have another bit on the top, but that has long since disappeared, it still makes a great place for us to sit on and either sleep or watch the world go by outside though!


Two tiers for double sleeping!


Or, we can fit on the top together! (at a push!)


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


Then, when we want something a little bigger, the second cat tree they bought is now also in the conservatory so it makes a great place to scratch on, play on, sleep on and of course watch the outside world on! It too has missing bits, but we don’t mind 🙂


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz… x 2! 🙂


I think there’s quite a lot of sleeping going on around here! 🙂


Lula watching the birdies outside


But of course, for ultimate luxury, nothing beats our new Tigga Towers tree! It’s so comfy and there are lots of different places to chill out in or on!

Robbie likes the platform with the squidgy bit in the middle!


I quite like the hammock!


Friday likes the squidgy platform too!


Lula can look down on the world from the igloo!


And of course, when the weather gets a bit nicer, we also have lots of places in our cat garden to sit on!


Just one of our cat garden platforms 🙂


As I said at the beginning, I think we are very lucky cats indeed! 🙂


Take lots of care, my friends!

Love from Spot



28 thoughts on “So many cat trees!”

  1. RIP Linda, I didn’t know you but any friend of Spot’s is a friend of mine <3

    You are not only lucky Spotty Cat, you are loved and spoiled! <3

  2. Can see who rules your home Spot! Seems that kitties come first ! Shows how much your Mum and Dad truly love you guys – and that’s what counts !

  3. We had mailed a calendar to her and were worried when we never heard anything back 🙁 I am very saddened even though never having the chance to meet her she will always have a soft spot in my heart such a wonderful woman

    1. I completely agree, Brittany. I have been very upset today, despite the fact that I lived on a different continent to her, I felt like she was a very special friend indeed <3 So very sad 🙁 🙁

  4. A sad loss, us cat lovers care for each other around the world. I hope her family and kitties gain peace. I love the pictures of so may of you together in one place! So many beautiful babies! Your trees all look comfy, the new one is amazing! Stay spoiled. 😀

  5. I didn’t know Linda but she was obviously a good friend of BCW, RIP. There aren’t any action shots here Spot, they all seem to shoe you doing what you do best, sleeping!!!!! You and Lula are still my favourite Bengals, you’re both gorgeous and the other kitties are beautiful too xxxxx ♥ ♥

    1. Linda was a beautiful person, Edna <3 We have been doing quite a lot of sleeping lately - we should get outside more when the weather improves <3 xxxx

  6. Sorry for the loss of your friend Linda… Spot 🙁 ..Great pis you are all very lucky kitties and spoiled rotten 😉 but that’s how it should be :mrgreen:

  7. RIP Linda <3 I'm so sorry for your loss, Spot and family. Many of my friends knew her, even if I did not, and I mourn for you, all of Linda's friends, and of course her family <3

    Great pics, and it seems you are indeed lucky kitties!

  8. So sorry to hear of Linda’s passing :cry:.

    You have had a lovely selection of trees there, Spot! The one with you and sweet Lula crowded onto the top platform did make me smile… if only because of little Friday, sprawled and obviously comfortable in the background :grin:. Perhaps Henry and Newt might enjoy a tree?Do you think we could persuade their mummy it would be good for them?

  9. Hi BCW such a lovely collection of pictures (as usual)
    Cosmo and Orion asked me to ask you where you got your new tree from and if they too can have one? 🙂

    I am also sorry for the sad news about your friend, it never gets any easier 🙁

  10. Awww Spot you are really spoiled all of you! Everyone can see that mummy and daddy loves you to bits! <3 😀 You are a happy bunch of babies! <3 <3 <3 i love all of you too! <3 😳

  11. My name is Debby and I am Linda’s daughter. She loved this group of people. I often teased her about all of her “stranger cat friends”! After reading these posts, and seeing the dedication to her, I should be ashamed. She felt as if she knew you all very well and you gave her a great deal of happiness and entertainment. You seem like wonderful people and we are all very happy she was a part of your circle. Britany – My dad did received the calendar. Unfortunately, it was after she passed away but it gave us a smile so thanks for sending it to her. And most importantly to most of you, her kitties are being very well taken care of. In fact, on the first day after she passed, we figured out at the end of the day that they had been fed 5 times by different people, instead of their normal 2 times. We were all very concerned because they were so important to her, and we wanted to make sure they weren’t hungry.

    So again, thank you “stranger cat people”, for being such a great group of people. I was seriously half expecting Spot to be in her will. She loved you guys, so thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Debby. We send you our deepest condolences for the loss of your wonderful mother, Linda. She was a very dear friend to us and we’re so glad we could bring some happiness into her life. xxxx

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