Our posh pictures!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend? We’ve been enjoying time outside as the weather’s been very nice today! A little chilly, but sunny 🙂


My daddy likes the better weather too because he says he can’t take very good pictures of us if it’s raining or if the light is too dark… he quite often talks about “light” and how it affects his lenses and things. I think they should develop lenses along the lines of cats’ vision because we can see much better than you hoomins in poor light…. hmmmm…. perhaps that’s an idea to make me rich and famous? Or perhaps I should stick to the day job of being a cat 😆


But having said all that, my daddy can take good photos of us inside because he’s got lots of equipment to do proper studio work now… He’s been experimenting a little with his favourite models (us cats) and we were wondering which ones you liked best?


Furry background

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Spot and the furry background


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula and the furry background with the furry prawn


Dark background

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Spot and the dark background


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula and the dark background


White background

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Spot and the white background


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Robbie and the white background


So which photo is your favourite? I’d love to know!


Love from Spot




38 thoughts on “Our posh pictures!”

  1. Spot and the white background is very good too,I guess it depends on contrast between the subject and the background. A white cat with a white background wouldn’t work 😛

  2. Despite not being a ginger tabby fan – I prefer brown tabbies – I like Robbie’s the best of these choices. The stark white is not my taste, and I find the dark a bit too dark – could be my monitor though. I love the furry background with Lula and you both 😀 You do look adorable in the white background though Spot. I guess I really do like them all 😆

    1. Thank you for your honest thoughts, June (I’ll make sure Robbie doesn’t know you don’t like gingers 😆 😆 ) But you know, there’s a bit of a funny story about that – my Daddy always said he didn’t like ginger cats. But then one day, more than 3 years ago now, my mummy came home from work to find that my daddy had been out and bought…. you’ve guessed it, Robbie the ginger! He is such a gorgeous boy, they both love him lots and lots 😎 xx

      1. Robbie is totally gorgeous, but we’ve had bad luck with gingers. Both of ours have had problems with crystals; Spot lost the use of his back legs due to blood clots, for which there is no treatment sadly and Rusty developed stomatitis and now likely has a brain tumor which is affecting him both physically and mentally. If it weren’t for bad luck our gingers would have no luck at all 🙁

        1. I’m sorry to hear that, June 🙁 Thankfully, Robbie seems to be a very fit and healthy boy, my mummy says the only times he has been to the cat doctor are when he got neutered and for his annual vaccinations, she can’t remember any other times he has needed to go. Mind you, he is only 3.5 years old 🙂 I’ve been for those reasons and also when I got stung by a wasp on my paw and also when I had conjunctivitis, and I’m not even 2 yet! Mummy also called them when I went up the chimney, just to check with regard to the possible effects of me breathing in the soot, but I didn’t actually have to make a visit, thank goodness 😀

  3. It was impossible to choose a favourite. There was one that I loved less than the rest. Does that help? It was the one with Spot and the white background. Nothing to do with you Spot, more the background. Wish my hoomins could take such mewtiful pictures of us. Maya and Mika x

    1. It is all very helpful, thank you Maya and Mika! :mrgreen: PS – I’ve seen the photos that your mummy has shared of you and they are beautiful! 😀 xx

  4. Hi Spot

    Spot & the furry background, closely followed by Lula with Audrey. They are all lovely though & nice to see Robbie posing 🙂

    C;are xxxxx

  5. tough decision, Spot!! I love all of them! I can’t say I truly have a favorite. I enjoy all of the pics of any of you kids — with any background. The white background is probable my least favorite, but they are all wonderful! Daddy does such pawsome work! Keep them coming!1 😀 😀

  6. I loved them all!!!
    If I MUST choose one: SPOT & the white background! I love the contrast! Lula and dark background is a close 2nd… but again like I said previously I love them all!!!
    I wish you were my kitties and lived here also in the United States of erica!America

  7. Hi Spot my two favourites are:-)

    Spot on furry background & Robbie on the chair on the white background.

    They are fab pictures

    Love Anyah cat meow meiw

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! He does take pics of the others 😆 Robbie loves having his photo taken, so we have quite a few of him. Harry and Friday aren’t as keen, so they only have their photos taken once in a while 🙂

    2. Thank you Spot yes I am still enjoying my furry prawn 🙂 it has been so cold today I am keeping warm on radiator meow meow

  8. Love them all. but I think Lulu on the dark is the best picture. She looks as if she’s ready to leave, though.
    Spot on the dark is very nice, too. Really captures your catitude, I think! 😀

    1. Thanks very much for your thoughtful interpretation, Ginger 😀 Lula doesn’t like to sit still for too long, she’s always wondering what mischief she could be getting up to elsewhere! When we went to the Supreme Cat Show back in November, a photographer was trying to take her pic for a book, but she wouldn’t sit still so I don’t think they will use her photos MOL! :mrgreen:

  9. I love all the pictures, but I think my favorites are the ones on the dark background. For me, the dark background makes you and Lula really stand out. Robbie and the chair on the white background is awesome too. Give Robbie an extra hug for me since I do like ginger cats a lot.

  10. I love all of these pictures Spot but my favorites are of you on the furry background and Lula on the dark background. As someone else said its probably the contrast. I also love ginger cats and Robbie’s picture is adorable also! My first cat was a ginger cat who lived to a great age of 19. He will always be remembered as my favorite. He used to “talk” to me– I would ask him questions and it would absolutely sound like he was answering me back. Everyone was shocked to hear the way he would talk to me! He used to serenade me from the top of the cabinets at 3:00 in the morning almost each day. Sure do miss him. Your pictures are so vivid it seems as though I could reach out and pet you. Beautiful fur Spot!! Your friend Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! I am sorry you now longer have your beloved ginger cat, but he will always be in your heart <3 Our Robbie is quite a good talker, as are Lula and me of course, being Bengals, we are very loud :mrgreen: xxx

  11. Hi Spot

    I love the dark background for you both (maybe if your background was slightly lighter, as in Lula’s shot?) and the furry background shots.

    The shot of Robbie on the chair is great but I think the white background is too harsh for you and Lula (the chair added to the colour of the shot with Robbie I think). Daddy really does take some amazing pictures of you all though, so I don’t think the background would ever detract from the beauty of you gorgeous cat models! 😀

    Have a lovely week all of you x x x

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback, Heather! Definitely food for thought 😀 I hope you have a good week too! xxxxx

  12. Oh dear! All pics of you are perfect. But if I have to choose between these it would be: Spot furry background, Lula dark and of course both you Spot and Robbie with white. In the dark background you Spot almost dissapear, but with the others you “melt in” =)

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