Is My Cat a Bengal?

What are the differences between Bengal cats and other tabby cats?


Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Spot, the Bengal Cat

Some of the most common questions we’re asked are “What are the differences between a tabby cat and a Bengal cat?” and “Is my cat a Bengal cat?” So we thought it might be handy to write our thoughts down on how you can tell whether your cat is a Bengal or a lovely tabby or even some other breed.

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Hello from Robbie!

Before we go any further, we must point out that in writing this article, we’re not inferring that tabby cats are in any way inferior to Bengal cats – we love all cats in our World, and have our very own ginger tabby cat, Robbie and have had lots of tabby cats in the past, including our gorgeous girl, Friday.

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Beautiful Friday

They’re going to help us explain the differences between Bengals and tabbies in this article πŸ™‚

My Cat has Spots, so it must be a Bengal, Right?

Not necessarily!

We’llΒ begin by saying that just because a cat has spots or marbling in its fur, this doesn’t automatically mean it’s a Bengal! There are many cats who have this who aren’t Bengals. Regular tabby cats can have spotty or marbled fur too – here’s our very own Robbie cat showing off his spots!

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Robbie’s spotty tummy


There are other spotty and marbled pedigree breeds too, so let’s look at the spotty ones first: there’s one of the oldest domesticated breeds, the Egyptian Mau, and also the Ocicat, Brown Spotted Manx, Brown Spotted British Shorthair, the Oriental Spotted Tabby and the Brown Asian Spotted Tabby. Here’s some examples:


Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Egyptian Mau
Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Oriental Spotted Tabby
Oriental Spotted Tabby

Turning our attention to marbled breeds, there’s theΒ Marbled British Shorthairs, marbled Manx cats, and marbled Oriental and Asian tabbies. Here’s some photos of these lovely cats:

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Marbled British Shorthair
Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Marbled Oriental tabby
Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Marbled Manx tabby

On ourΒ Bengal Cat Facts page, weΒ explain lots of different facts about us Bengals which may help you if you want further information about the breed; in this article, we’reΒ going to be more specific about what makes Bengals different to the other cats we’ve mentioned.

Β Spots and Marbles

So in our quest to identify whether your cat is a Bengal or not, let’s first examine what coat patterns are unique to a Bengal cat, whether spotted or marbled… If your cat doesn’t display these features, then they are not a pedigree Bengal.

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Jessie Rayment’s Fire Dancer


This lovely girl is called Fire Dancer – she belongs to Jessie, who’s a great friend of ours from our Facebook page πŸ™‚

We’re using her gorgeous photo to demonstrate to you how fantastic a Bengal’s spots – or rosettes – can be. Β In the other spotty breeds we mentioned, the spots are round and evenly distributed, though they might vary in size. A Bengal’s spots should be more randomly distributed, with no set patterns, and are usually larger and more distinct than those of other breeds.

A Bengal’s spots are often arrowhead-shaped like you can see on some of Fire’s in the picture and there should be a sharp contrast of colour between the spots and the base coat. Here is where we can talk about rosettes too – which is a unique feature to the Bengal cat (unique when talking about domestic cats, many of our wild cousins have rosettes). A rosette is a spot that has a dark outline with a lighter colour inside, with the inside colour being darker than the base coat. I’m sure you can see why we chose this pic of Fire to illustrate this – her rosetting is superb!

Because a Bengal’s spots are random, the pattern on each side of the cat will be asymmetrical – i.e. one side will be different to the other.

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Marbled Bengal Cat

In the same way that Spotted Bengal cats have asymmetrical markings – marbled Bengal cats do too. This makes it quite easy if you’re wondering whether or not your marbled fur baby is a Bengal. All the other breeds we mentioned have a symmetrical pattern on both of their sides, but Bengals don’t and this is unique to the Bengal breed.

So take a look at your marbled cat: if the coat is the same on both sides, you don’t have a Bengal! If it’s different, you do!

The Bengal marbling is a unique patterning of horizontally aligned swirls that are not found in the other breeds who tend to have bull’s-eye patterning. The patterns should be in at least three colours – the base colour, pattern outline colour and pattern centre colour (if you read the info on rosetted spots, this should sound familiar to you!).

Each cat has their own unique marbling pattern which often develops over time.

In what other ways are Bengal cats unique?

Alongside the specific markings we’ve discussed for the spotties and the marbled, there are other things that are unique to the Bengal that can help you if you’re still not sure….

One of the most beautifully unique characteristics of the Bengal cat is the glitter in our fur. This is so exquisite, yet so hard to capture in its entirety on film! The golden glow of a Brown Bengal or the pearl dusting effect on a lighter coloured Bengal must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Here’s a photo of our Uncle BooBoo which shows some of his glow to demonstrate a little of what we mean, though even this great picture doesn’t capture it fully:

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Uncle BooBoo

There are other aspects of the Bengal fur that are also unique – it’s often said that you can tell a Bengal by touching it when blindfolded. Some find the best way of describing it is that it’s more like a pelt than fur with its feel of satin or silk, being short and plush.

The fur of Β a regular tabby cat is often “ticked” whereas this should not occur in Bengals – ticking is where each strand of hair is broken up into different bands of colours. Our Friday cat has ticked fur – we can see the difference this makes compared to a Bengal:

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
Friday the tabby and Spot the Bengal

As well as the fur and the coat which we’ve focused on a lot, there are other characteristics of the Bengal breed which when you put them all together, makes us a uniquely beautiful cat.

Our bodies are large, lean and muscular with substantial bones. Our back legs are slightly longer than our front ones, reminiscent of our wild ancestors. Our heads are relatively small in relation to our bodies and should be a little longer than wide, with medium to small ears. Our tails are thick and can be ringed, spotted or marbled, but should always have a solid dark coloured tip. Our chins should be light and our whisker pads prominent. Noses are large and broad with slightly puffed nose leather which is often a rich colour.

Tabby Cat vs Bengal Cat
The inquisitive Bengal Cat

Even our voices are different to most other cats and we use them often – you certainly know if you have a Bengal in your house, because we loudly remind you often throughout the day! We can be quite fussy about our litter trays, and will refuse to use them if not clean so will let you know when they’re not up to our standards πŸ™‚ We’ll also remind you when it’s dinner time – you’ll soon stop whatever you’re doing, just to shut us up!

We hope you’ve found this a useful guide for you to identify if you have a true Bengal or not.

528 thoughts on “Is My Cat a Bengal?”

    1. Hi Sandy! I didn’t talk so much about personalities as they are quite subjective and not all things are necessarily unique to the Bengal breed. We are confident and active cats who love to play. We are loyal to our hoomins and usually get on well with dogs and other cats. We can be a bit naughty sometimes (I’m not of course, but my sister is) and we can get bored easily so can be a little destructive. It’s best not to have too much in the way of houseplants or ornaments on your windowsills if you have Bengals πŸ˜†

      1. Hi Spot…my name is Spott too, but with 2 “t”s so as not to be confused with Dick and Jane’s Spot. I think I may have a distant cousin of yours who was abandoned and starving. We have 5 other cats in the house, as well as 6 to 8 ferals outside that we feed since we’ve trapped and fixed them. This little girl just showed up one day at our house and helped herself to the buffet. After she was around for about a week and wasn’t going anywhere, we brought her to the clinic to have her spayed but it turned out she was already spayed. Who would do that to such a precious baby? So she started letting herself inside and is very affectionate, loves the water dripping from tap if we turn it on, is intrigued with me in the shower, and has a wild meow. She was so underweight when she showed up, but a couple months in our house with fabulous food, treats, love and new brothers and sisters to play with has doubled her weight. She is marbled and I see the glitter, but she is not a purebred since her fur, although very rich, thick and soft like a pelt, is ticked. The design of the marbling is asymmetrical so it seems like she has some Bengal blood in her. I’m also not sure if she is only 3rd generation removed since she will out of the blue whack my face if I’m hugging her too much and she wants to get down. 😯 I do hiss at her and she totally chills and starts purring again while I pet her and scratch under her chin. πŸ˜› One way or the other, she is a precious doll who loves to snuggle and lays on her back on my lap while I’m on the toilet with all four paw curled in the air, purring all the time. Couldn’t be happier – all of us!

          1. I have a cat that does that she loves to sit with u and be in the tub all the time I wonder if she’s part Bengal or not she’s marble with a lot of white under her and some spots on her belly

        1. Replying to Spott – sitting on your lap whilst on the toilet is a very definite Bengal trait. My snow bengal does this every single time I make a trip to the toilet! I’ve never come across this in any other breed we have owned in the past (Siamese, Burmese, oriental etc.). Don’t you just love them.

          1. Bengals are a little different to other breeds in many ways πŸ™‚ Glad you love them as much as we do, Linda πŸ™‚

          2. My Vitani is a just the same. I too have had many cat breeds, and Vitani, one of my bengals, is the only cat to jump on my lap while I’m on the throne. They are such fun characters.

          3. Hi Spot,
            My bengal doesn’t join me in the Loo, but my Blue Burmese Fin does- either sitting on my lap or climbing onto my shoulders….

          4. lol πŸ™‚ It’s so lovely that all cats have their individual purrsonalities πŸ™‚ Obviously, we have to generalise when writing an article πŸ™‚

          5. My 10 week old kitty. Her name is KiKi. A friend of mine said she thinks my baby girl is part bangal… She seems to have a lot of the traits you’ve been talking about..

          6. Main Coon’s are very affectionate and attention-seeking as well. He will crawl up on my lap while in the bathroom and want to cuddle. He is a big furry boy and takes up a lot of space.

          7. This is not a Bengal-only trait. I either have some Bengal or Australian Mist blood in me (I was a rescue, so it’s hard to tell), and I definitely do this! But the kitty who came before me was an orange tabby cat and my mom says he did this to her all the time. The first time I did it she got a little weepy because he’s at the rainbow bridge now, and it reminded her of him. I never met him, but mom says he definitely was not a Bengal. She also knows a Maine Coon who does this to his mommy which is hilarious, because he weighs almost 30 lbs!!!

          8. I have a siamese that will only sit on your lap when on the toilet. My bengal is only interested in the running water.

          9. I have a sweet timid cat I first thought was a Maincoon, has several sounds like chirps, clicks from high to very low vocals ranges, when I talk to him he replies & he loves to jump up into my lap while sitting on the toilet. He was a stray kitten I rescued on a freezing January day. My vet said he was only 5 weeks old & another night he wouldn’t he had made it. He grew very fast & within 5 months he was 2 1/2 ft long (nose to tail) he sits, lay downs & fetches on command, he wakes me up in the morning when my alarm goes off. He let’s me know when his litterbox isn’t up to standards. I have had cats before but he is the smartest one by far. Like he truly understands every work I say. He is like a ragamuffin or a ragdoll loves to be held & goes completely limp when I pick him up.loves for me to rub his stomach, loves to be brushed and no issues clipping his front or back nails. I sometimes wonder if he is a reincarnated human! He is semi long hair solid gray, baby blue eyes are now yellow, big thick boned & bushy tail, wide paws with tuffs of hair on his paw pads lion collar. His name is Pookie. My daughter cat is a house guest for a few weeks, Pookie is on alert & a little scared of Gus. Gus is a very tall tabby with Hugh eyes, large nose, marbling & spot with a solid line down his back & tail, ring down his tail ending black tip. Small paws large head & isn’t vocal at all.

          10. When I go to the back of the house Julius comes bounding on his long legs just to see if I’m headed for the bathroom!!! He leaps up onto the sink waiting for me to lift up the stopper and run just exactly the small amount of water he likes. Sometimes I come and use the toilet even when I don’t need to just because he likes me to sit there petting him telling him how pretty he is and what a good boy he is. Julius came to me as a stray. He obviously had been abused. When I reached down to pet him he would jump up and bite hanging onto my bleeding arm. It’s been four years. The bathroom sink is obviously a place he was never abused. It was the first place he trusted me to lovingly pet him. Now of course the sink is his favorite place with sleeping on the pillow next to mine the second. I can carry him around and pet him at all times. He has an unusually rambunctious quality and it doesn’t surprise me the vet said he is a Bengal. Julius is a deep dark rust color and looks quite striking. The most important thing about any cat is his or her personality. I’m happy to say Julius has become a cat with good behavior as well as good looks. (Not perfect behavior since he likes chasing my other cats and is quite jealous when it comes to me)

          11. OMG! My Elsie follows me when i go to the toilet and sits on the windowsill watching when I brush my teeth. She is loving friendly & loyal in a way I only thought dogs were capable. My little Bengal is a beauty and would recommend to anyone wanting a cat

          12. My Garfield resembling orange tabby does this. πŸ™‚ My grey tabby who may have some bengal sits on my shoulder while I am in the bath. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          13. I had a yellow tabby that laid on my lap when I sat on the toilet every morning before work. At the time we had 2 dogs, 2 puppies, and 3 young cats. His name was Tommy. He wasn’t pushy like the rest, I figured he saw his opportunity for his share of attention and took it. I didn’t mind😺He was a sweet boy, we loved him bunches! That was in the late 70s. Oh yes he was my first house cat, his momma was feral and left a litter in my folks she’d. He came in the house at any 6 weeks. Miss that boy!

        2. I’m wondering if someone would have a look at the kitten I am buying on Sunday? It’s the first Bengal I’ve had and although I’ve been told she is pedigree (comes with her family tree and pedigree document) because she hasn’t been registered to tica or anything like that, I’m concerned she isn’t. So if anyone is available to look at my pictures and let me know your opinions that would be great :-). Thank you x

          1. Hello Bryony!

            Apologies for our late reply, you have probably already got her by now, but you can still email us with pics if you wish πŸ™‚ x

          2. hello Mike,I saw your comment and its really touching.hope they get the love and care from you.I am interested in owning a bengal, I will need to get more information on how to purchase a Bengal.

        3. Bengals do come in ticked fur aswell. My bengal has ticking. The reputable breeder i purchased him from has a few ticked. And they are all TICA registered. Its nit a preferred coat for show bengals but it is a bengal trait aswell.

          *In addition to the rosetted or marble pattern, there are three other factors that come into play when describing the color and pattern of a bengal. “Glitter”, “Patina” and “Ticking.”*

          1. We’re not saying that Bengals can’t have ticked fur, and we’re also not saying you can’t register a ticked Bengal, but ideally they shouldn’t be ticked πŸ™‚

      2. Hi, sorry to interrupt this way but couldn’t find a way of commenting and being able to ask you a question, how can you tell if you have a cat that may be half bengal?

      3. Hello there
        My issue is that i cant tell if my cat Is bingal marbled or no, becouse half of things you mentioned are there and in some other are not, i took her to more than 10 vet clinc, half of them said pure bingal and the other said mixed, so im in big delima, any advice

      4. Hi my tortoiseshell cat had kittens and I know that she is 3/4 bengal as I met the parents. She is being spayed next week but wondered about the markings on one of her kittens (3xginger and 2xblack).
        One ginger kitten has loads of spots on his sides and not identical. He is only 6 weeks if they are bengal markings will they develop more as time goes on?

      1. Ocicats have spots whereas Bengals usually have rosettes, Sandi. Also, They have different shaped heads. If you look both breeds up via Google, it may help you to decide.

    2. I had. Ed. Interested in buying a Bengal I saw the weirdest ad on Craigslist for a “snow Bengal” for 100 dollars. I’ve emailed back and forth with the person including them cursing at me that it was a Bengal. Is there anyway you could tell me. I have pictures of the cat but I’m sure it’s a tabby cat. They showed me pictures of supposedly is the first born kittens that look Bengal which I’m guessing the father was Bengal and mother a tabby.. I’ve never seen a stripped Bengal. I’m curious to see if it’s true that it’s a bengal

    3. Hi I’m Jake and I’m questioning if my cat is a Bengal. He has the pattern of a Manx on one side, but not so much on the other. He has a very distinctive meow that almost sounds like there is not one or kind of a squeak. If there are stuff on the windowsills like plants and things he tends to eat them and knock them down. I have 4 other cats and bowser tends to jump a lot higher than them. I have an extremely high cabinet that my other cats can’t get to only bowser can. He is very curious and all my cats are indoors, yet he tries to get out when the others don’t. Is bowser a Bengal?

    4. Hello! I just want to say that we have a female Bengal who (we think) has a nerve problem from lack of oxygen at birth. So she moves back and forth almost constantly unless she is sleeping. She prefers to stay in our bedroom away from the other cats. She is the sweetest cat I have ever had the pleasure of owning and I never want to live without a Bengal again. However, there is only one of her. She is our nurse when we aren’t feeling well and sleeps with us in the bed when the weather gets colder. Otherwise she sleeps in her little box at the foot of the bed or in a laundry basket. She even has her own body pillow which is much bigger than she is! Love love love this kitty❀️.

    5. Hi, I think my little boy is part Bengal. He has smooth fur no ticks in it but seems to have more marbling than spots. His marbling as different tones of black and grey (probably due to his momma being a black domestic) but he has the beautiful browns in his paws and on his face in some places. He’s 5 months old and is pretty big in size. From front paw to tip of ear he’s about 7 1/2 in tall and from tip of tail to nose he’s about 11 1/2 in. I’ve had Tabby’s before but they never were that big. Also his tail kinda reminds me of a raccoon but the tip is all black. I got him as a 3 week old kitten with no known father. I’ve been told by many people that he looks Savannah or Bengal. His back legs are longer than front and his paws are still big for his size. I don’t mind emailing pictures if you need them. Please help cause I’m confused and don’t want to classify him as the wrong breed.

    6. Hi my name is charlotte and i would like to show you a picture of my cats I do believe one might be a bangle. his marble printing is not the same on either side and he does have stripes. he also has a brother that could possibly be a Egyptian mau. he has stripes and spots but if both are tabbys im fine with that to. but I would like to show you a pic for your opinion.

  1. Hi spot

    I think this was good read
    The photos are great.
    I like Robbie <3

    I think u are a good writer
    You should print a book
    Get it on shops
    Many people but it as made good read & photos are top notch!

  2. What a lovely, informative “brief” Sir Spot (by the way I have decided to “knight” you & shall from now on refer to you as Sir Spot πŸ˜€ ) I do have a question … is it a Bengal trait that you ALWAYS have to have the last word? If Aneksi thinks she should go out & it’s after “curfew” will have an argument about it & we could go on all night because she always answers back & ALWAYS has the last word!!! xxxxx

    1. I like it – Sir Spot! Ha ha! πŸ™‚ Yes, it is only right and proper that us Bengals should have the last word, we need to remind you hoomins who’s boss after all! 😎 πŸ˜‰ xxxx

  3. Love your comment Clare Rosser! πŸ˜†

    As usual Spotty your columns are informative, funny and cute and I soo love the pics that accompany them! Love you and all your brothers and sisters! xxx

  4. Fabulous and informative Spot. You should be writing for Cat World. I love the bit about Glitter in your fur…Daddy does an amazing job of captuirng it too, but you didn’t mention your absolutely stunning eyes, and the differing colours – yours and Lula’s are very different. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Mairi! I didn’t say anything about the eyes as they’re not something you can use easily to tell us apart from other breeds πŸ™‚ After all, Lula gets her lovely blue eyes from the Siamese cats in her ancestry πŸ˜† My mummy agrees with you, though, she is always saying how beautiful our eyes are πŸ˜‰ xxx

  5. Your eyes
    They mesmerize
    Your glitter… πŸ™„

    Can’t think of anything for glitter that isn’t yucky 😳

    Terrific post!

    1. I think I have a Bengal kitten she is nearly a year old she loves coming with me to the toilet and loves drinking water from the tap when we first got her she used to put her paw in her drinking water bowl there is one thing she does that I’m not sure about tho she has her wet meat or biscuits an she tryes to cover her food is that normal for that breed

      1. Hi Amanda! Yes, this is quite normal and natural. When cats in the wild don’t finish the prey they have caught, they use their paws to cover it up with twigs and dirt etc. This is to stop others from stealing it. This is what your girl is doing, though of course there’s no twigs or dirt in your house πŸ™‚

  6. This is an excellent article to especially
    help those of us who are novices to the fabulous world of bengals. I had no idea about the asymmetrical markings until now. It is so wonderful that you take the time to write this information for us. I, like Zoe, think you should publish informational books–oh and children’s books with the BCW family would be fabulous! Starring Spotty Cat and Lula with of course photos by daddy! So many ideas and so little time! xxxxx

    1. Your last sentence hits the nail on the head, Linda! I have so many ideas about different things, but never enough time to do them all! Thanks for your lovely feedback! <3 πŸ˜€ xxxx

  7. Can you get tabby/Bengal mix? I live in turkey and have been adopted by Fred who many say has Bengal markings but I think he’s just a unique tabby but he has very similar markings to the picture of spot that you have.

    1. Yes, you can, Ashleigh! There’s nothing to stop a tabby mating with a Bengal, though if I’m honest, I don’t think it happens quite as often as people think it does πŸ˜‰ But it is entirely feasible! πŸ˜† xx

      1. ❗ THIS is very true – I think many of us *want to think* we have a cat that is part Bengal, but in reality, it’s just a uniquely coloured tabby. I LOVE tabbies and I LOVE Bengals. I just recently adopted a cat who I really did believe might be part Bengal – but it’s just hard to imagine being true. She fits about 50% of the criteria which makes it even harder to tell. Her face is small, her whisker area super prominent, her ears are the right size, her nose is very broad (especially when compares to my three other cats – even the boy cats) her hind legs are longer, her tail is thick with a prominent black tip, she walks like a puma, she hunts like a big cat in the wild and she’s got PATCHES of that sort of unbelievably silky soft fur with Bengal type markings – it’s almost like her fur glows in the light – do you know what I mean? She’s also got these big paws (even though she’s a 7 pound cat) with loooong finger like digits and webbed toes – I thought that was also a Bengal characteristic, but I’m not sure about that.

        BUT, the top part of her is so much more Tabby – while her markings are symmetrical, they are also not very distinguishable. She’s got a few “wannabe’ rosette markings on her, but most of her back is covered in single coloured stripes of some kind. And her meow is the tinniest little squeak peep you’ve ever heard – though she is very demanding for attention. The peeping could be because we adopted her and she is sick and now on antibiotics. But I imagine the meow won’t becoming that of the very vocal Bengal.

        So you really never know…maybe somewhere, somehow, a little Bengal made it’s way into her mix. I try getting a good photograph of her to show it – but it’s impossible to get one that REALLY shows her off – it’s so strange – she’s unbelievably gorgeous in real life, but the photographs just don’t do her justice!!! Truthfully, the last picture you posted of the “Inquisitive Bengal Cat” made my heart skip a beat for a second because that looks JUST LIKE MY MINNAH!!! Only, her side/back area is different. But the face, legs, and chest? Damn near identical!

        Anyway…thank so much for your very brief yet informative posting on the differences between the two breeds!!! I found it very useful! You rock!

          1. Hello Devin! Thanks for your great comments and feedback! I’m pleased you enjoyed our article πŸ˜† Your girl sounds like a real character xx

        1. I have a bona fide Bengal cat who “peeps.” She and our other Bengal came from the same breeder and are related; she never says anything louder than a “peep,” but her cousin is a typical loud Bengal. (We call him “the loudest cat in the world.”)

        2. I am Princess Kiara, and about a year ago I did something that really upset my human parents. I was in heat and every inch of being wanted out of my home. I was going out of my mind. So I waited for the doorbell to ring and I escaped. For two whole days I panicked my parents and angered them terribly. I came home scared, hungry, thirsty and PREGNANT!! I ended up having my biggest litter yet-6 kittens. I should have mentioned my parents are responsible and ethical Bengal Cat breeders. My babies were just like you described your Minnah, who sounds beautiful by the way. So the moral here is there are probably lots more Bengal/Tabby mixes out there roaming the world than you humans think. We cats are very creative when it comes to ways to sneak out the door. Each of my babies from this litter were as precious as all my others from the past and will be as special as all my future kittens as well. Oh, and just to let you know, long webed toes are a Bengsl trait as is keeping the kitten meow. My sister sounds like a itty bitty kitten when she cries and I sound like a huge lion!

  8. Wow, what a wonderful article. Some stuff in there that I knew and loads that I didn’t know!
    Very informative and helpful=D

  9. I loved this! Informative and fun to read. The pictures were gorgeous. Im wondering how common are snowy Bengals like Lula? Also spot, you and Lula are it common for mama Bengals to only have small litters?

    1. Brown Bengals are the most common colour, Rita, snows are more common than blues, silvers or black (melanistic). The size of the litter will depend on Mother Nature and can vary as it can for any breed, so it’s not a particular trait of a Bengal queen to only have small litters. Our mummy, Pandora’s last litter was of 4 beautiful little ones πŸ˜‰ xx

      1. Love the explanation on how to toell the differences between Bengals and Tabbys, but having said that, just letting you know, I love ALL cats, big and small. My Gracie as I think you may remember is a Tuxedo and tomorrow, (Friday) we are going to get our second cat, but unsure of what colour or sex to get. We shall find out when we get to the Animal Refuge. Can’t wait to have another cat around the house. Love your Spotty Cat Blog and all your advice is invaluable. Thanks so much <3 xxx

  10. I think Linda’s book idea is great Spotty! Your mum is very articulate, clever and funny and your daddy is a brilliant photographer. Perfect combo for a book! πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks very much, Em! There are lots of things we have ideas for… hopefully some of them will come to fruition soon! :mrgreen: xxx

  11. Love the explanation on how to toell the differences between Bengals and Tabbys, but having said that, just letting you know, I love ALL cats, big and small. My Gracie as I think you may remember is a Tuxedo and tomorrow, (Friday) we are going to get our second cat, but unsure of what colour or sex to get. We shall find out when we get to the Animal Refuge. Can’t wait to have another cat around the house. Love your Spotty Cat Blog and all your advice is invaluable. Thanks so much <3 xxx

  12. Very nice article,my understanding of TICA standard says the pattern on a bengal should be symetrical with good flow of pattern. Also there are a lot of inky black spotted lovely bengals out there. That would have been nice to include in your article. Thank you for a good job and for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Eileen! πŸ™‚ We are registered and show with GCCF so I was basing the article more on those standards of points, though I think TICA and GCCF don’t vary widely πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Good question, John! A black melanistic bengal will still have bengal markings (spots or marbling) – but you may only be able to see them in the light. If you can’t see any markings, it’s more likely to be a regular black cat πŸ˜‰

  13. I am wondering if my cat is a Bengal. He is the most different cat than I’ve ever had (which is quite a few). Most of my cats have just been cats but four of them have been really special cats in regards to intelligence and relationship. Bootsie Boy is the fourth but he is the most different cat than I’ve ever known. He was a stray in the townhouse complex I live in which is how he got his name. He walked up to my and my neighbor and since his back legs are white I just said, Hey Boots, where’d you come from? 3 of my neighbors were feeding him and I was just petting him when I was outside. One day he met me at my car and walked with me to my door and it was obvious he expected to come in with me and that was that. I tried to change his name once he was my cat but he said no. He is very vocal, changing his tone based on my tone (I guess). If I ask a question that I would expect a Yes (like Are you a hungry boy?) he’ll respond with a meow that sounds positive (yes) or just the opposite if I ask a ? where I’d expect a No. He loves to be high. He often gets as high as he can and then will stretch himself up the wall staring at the ceiling with body language that says I want to climb this wall. He jumps and chases his treats, giving us quite the entertainment, we’ve decided that he thinks he’s a basketball player. He’s the only cat that I’ve ever had that I actually had to put him in Time Out because he is causing trouble. He loves to play Jungle Kitty and Stalk. He gets very annoyed with Poke but I think he secretly likes it. I’ve never played these games with any other cat. I mean HE wants to play them and taught them to me (except maybe Poke). He loves to lay on me vertically on the left (heartbeat?). He “makes love” to our shoes, not literally, but rubbing his head in and through my sandles or shoes. He is the most curious cat I’ve ever had and if a cubboard door gets opened he HAS to go in. Twice he got locked in the coat closet when my roommate got out her coat and didn’t notice him. When he walks he lopes like a Big Cat and swaggers a little bit. I thought he was a tabby (black/gray with a brown nose, lighter brown lips, white chin that disappears into my chest area, then the gray then a white tummy with light brown swirled in there. I just checked him to see if he was the same on both sides and it’s hard to tell (he;s not cooperating very well). He does have a ringed tail with the tip completely black. Visually I would never have thought of him as anything but a tabby (I agree, not shabby either), it’s his personality and other traits that have gotten me thinking. I don’t know how old he is because when I took him to the vet his teeth were completely rotting and when tested, was positive for Feline Aids. whih is the only reason why we can keep up with him at all!!!! He is extremely loving and personable. He has to meet anyone who comes over and will jump up to get a loving. He also is the most claw-iest cat I’ve ever had!!! There’s more too. Visually I think he mostly fits the description, it’s really his behavior. What do you think?

    1. Hello Jadean! It sounds like he shares a lot of the purrrsonality traits of a Bengal. He could well have Bengal genes in him based on what you say. I don’t think he’s a full breed if his back legs are white, but he could be a Bengal cross 😎

      1. I would be surprised if he was a full breed since he was a stray who chose me out of four people, 3 who were feeding him and me who was only petting him. He sure does have most of the traits though. I would think that someone who bought a Bengal wouldn’t just treat him/her like a regular kitty and then to become a stray. In fact I had to stop this reply to chase him around (to entertain him) because he’s needing to get in “trouble”!

  14. Hi Spot!
    Mama was told I am “probably” a Bengal mix, but she wonders. I have the large bones and sturdy, athletic build, and the marvelous silk pelt texture to my fur. My fur glitters but is not ticked (my sister is a ticked tabby) I have the “catitude” and a wild streak. Bark, howl, chatter, and cry, but never meow. But I have a cute little white slippers and a white bib. My tummy looks like a dark chocolate Milky Way when you bite into it. White surrounded by golden brown, ringed in black. Is it fair for mama to keep calling me Bengal mix or should she just say I’m an unknown hybrid? I’m cool, whatever, and very intelligent. I stare in mama’s eyes when I sit on her knee but ate to be cuddled. And I tuck her in at night. Best of all, I can talk! I have about 20 human words in 2 languages.

    1. Hello Karamel! You certainly sound like you have a lot of Bengal genes in you πŸ™‚ I would say your mama is OK to keep calling you a Bengal mix πŸ™‚ xx

  15. Thank you!
    My vet is 100% sure that my Schrodinger is part bengal, she has a good deal of experience with them.
    He is 9 months old and as big as our 15# maine coon mix! But weighs a slight 7.5#.
    He has all the attributes you describe, legs, facial features, fur softer than silk! Fussy about that box, and man does he talk! We thought his tail being 13″ long was unusual, but it begins to make more sense when if you look at how big bengals can get. He has been slightly cross-eyed since birth and is most likely part -mese of some kind. I have never had a kitten with more energy or personality! He loves water and dogs more than anything else there is. He is prone to curtain climbing and long cuddle sessions. As he grows his patterning becomes more prominent and his fur colour changes more gold-ish.
    Our other cats are a marbled maine coon mix, and a b & w lady. We raised both from kittens and never did we have to work as hard to entertain or feed right that very second with them.
    Being part Bengal definitely explains so many many things!
    Thank you for your well laid out easy to understand explanation of the differences.

    -Angela & Schrodinger

  16. Hi again spot I had been wondering about cheetahs markings etc i know he is pedigree but haven’t sent in the papers or blue sheet. He is not talkative and doesn’t really like water but he is hyperactive a nd cunning. And if we play he has to come back and have the last lunge at me. He uses his teeth a lot but he left mummy so early he doesn’t know better yet he is a brown Bengal but seems to be getting a fine almost fleck of colour at the edges of his fir my eyesight is not good but it actually looks pale coloured to me. Thanks to your mummy for all her advise when I was hand rearing him and loves to you a Lula. Cheetahs mummy

  17. Hi There. I’m pretty sure that my cat is a Bengal mix. She has glittery fur, a strong personality, a marbled pattern, really soft fur, and the face of a Bengal. Everyone says that she is really unique. The only thing that is different about her is that she has tufted ears too. I don’t know what she is mixed with because we got her at a humane society but she is really something special. I love my Sophia. Cats have a way of touching your heart in a way you never forget. Love your article. πŸ™‚

  18. I’m wondering about size and bone structure, large thick tail….We got our cat “Suki” a few months ago from a add on Craigslist (free). She is aprox 3 years old, no papers but we are told that she was used as a breader then spaid and now we are her 4TH owners. She has sensery issues, she can’t stand to be picked up, she is terrified of hands, she just shivers and pees all over when you have to pick her up. We only get to pet her tail and I sometimes get to stroke her tummy while she stands by me, she purrs so loud the windows shake. Back to my question…Suki is SMALL she only weighs 8lb. she eats great but she is thin and her tail is long but not what I would call thick. She fits All the other discription markings. The Vet says she is healthy. I’m wondering if anyone has heard that breaders are trying to produce a smaller Bangle or is she just a runt (why would they bread a runt). How much should a female Bangle weigh? Suki has begun to climb in bed with us… and the dog… and the 2 other cats at night. I’m SO happy to report that she is HAPPY in her new home and we are working on her trust issues.

    1. A female bengal on average weighs between 8 and 12 pounds, so she is on the small side but not unusually so. Just like with humans, you will get variations in size and weights between individuals. I’m pleased she’s making progress with you and hope things carry on getting better and better <3 xx

  19. Hi

    I have been offered a “Bengal” But with no papers, I have a couple of photos but I am struggling to tell if its a real Bengal.
    Collection is a 6 hour round trip so can anyone help me?

    Many thanks

    1. We would only recommend that you buy a Bengal from a reputable, registered breeder who will always give you the papers. Are you adopting this cat or buying them? If the former then great, if the latter then I would advise you to not contribute to back yard breeders and find a reputable one instead, you can find one in your area by looking at the TICA website.

  20. I’ve got the same issue as Daniel! I’ve been looking for a bengal kitten for awhile now, and finally found 2 little boys that I think are so adorable in their pictures! Wanting to make sure that I’m not paying an extreme amount of money for a regular house cat, I’m attempting to figure out if they are tabby or bengal but I’m lost! If anyone could possibly help, I can email a couple pictures?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Feel free to email us photos, Tina, you can use the “contact us” tab. 😎 But as with Daniel, I would never recommend that you buy from a non-registered breeder. A registered breeder may cost a little more, but you know they have conducted proper health screening and will have socialised their kittens. It often costs more in the long run buying from a back yard breeder because of extra vet bills due to ill health. If you are getting them from a registered breeder, they will always give you the papers.

  21. it takes more than a picture. My Bootsie Boy looks like a tabby, but his behavior if very different than any cat I’ve ever had. So I started looking into it. Turns out he’s a bengal mix, but I would never have known by looking at him (without learning what to look for). I doubt I would be able to see it by a pic.

    1. That’s true, Jadean, That’s why we wrote this article as it is very difficult to tell from a pic or two, particularly if we’re talking about Bengal crosses.

    1. OK. You will need to keep her separated for a while and do introductions gradually. If you email us a photo, we might be able to tell if she looks like a Bengal or not, you can use the “contact us” tab and we’ll let you have the email address πŸ™‚

  22. thanks, I found out that my cat is a bengal mix through your website. You are very helpful. Without close inspection, one would never say my cat is a Bengal. Not until they lived with him anyway!

  23. HI i recently got a kitten we were told he was a bengal cross but he has every marking of a marble benga would i be able to send a pic

      1. I have a question. I tried googling this but have found no information. I have a Bengal boy who just turned 1. I thought I had read that bengals chirp and chatter, but mine doesn’t. He just whines more like a kitten. Not really a meow, or a howl but more like a kitten whine. He is fairly good and it isn’t constant (thankfully lol). Will he ever chirp or chatter?

        1. Hello Kerry! Although there are traits that are common to the breed, chattiness being one of those, it doesn’t mean that every Bengal will adhere to those traits! Each cat is an individual, just as hoomins are πŸ˜‰ So your boy may become more chatty as he matures, though he may not too! Either way, it’s all good! πŸ™‚ xx

  24. We got our kitten as advertised as a bengal cat and she shows every sign of a bengal, the vet nurse straight away said she was a tabby but I’ve alot of research and it points to my kitten “khloe” being a bengal.

    Things she does:
    Plays in the bath with water and always drinks from the tap, she cleans her paws with the water and sometimes just sticks her head under the tap and likes to get soaked lol.

    She has climbed a tree which is a height of a at least a 3 to 4 story home and when in the house she always stays up really high.

    She is very active and very particular about her litter box, before she gets out she makes sure her paws are really clean.

    She has silk coat

    Her face is not as big as a tabbys maybe when scrunched but when she walks its sticks out

    She makes lots of different noises

    She has big paws

    Does look like her back legs are larger in size to her front

    Her markings are lines but couple to slightly circle

    Black tip of the tale.

    Please can you help me find out if she is a bengal

    1. Hello Samuel. Did you buy your girl from a registered breeder? That is the safest way to ensure you are getting a true Bengal as they will be able to provide you with pedigree papers to prove it. But if not, please send us a photo via email and we will have a look for you πŸ™‚

  25. I believe our kitty is a mix. Yes, Willow is vocal and fussy about her litter box, food and water. She lets me know when she wants attention. Her fur is silky smooth. She doesn’t have the marbling on her back but she does have the spotted belly and ringed tail, longer back tails, very long and athletic. She’s beautiful with tons of personality. We love her dearly!

  26. hi I was just got two kittens and was wondering if they are bengals? they are about 8-9 weeks, extremely hyper, and have awesome personalities. they do have the spotted bellies but I heard tabby cats can have this too. I would love to post pics of them but im not sure how??

  27. I don’t agree with your statement saying bengal cats won’t ever have ticking in their coats. Most breeders try to breed the ticking out and usually won’t sell their ticked kittens. However ticking is a trait found in most wild and feral cats. Ticking can occure and can’t justify your bengal as being a common domestic “tabby”.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, but you have completely mis-quoted what I said. I didn’t say that Bengals “won’t ever” have ticking, I said they “shouldn’t” have ticking – quite a big difference! 😯 And I haven’t said anywhere at all that if your Bengal does have ticking, this means they are a “common domestic tabby” ?? I’m all for constructive criticism – but I would rather it’s based on thing I have said, not based on things I haven’t!

  28. Hi, Thanks for a very informative post. My cat, Richard Parker arrived on our doorstep. We tried to find his owners and put up posters, but nobody claimed him. This was two years ago and he’s given us so much pleasure. I always thought he was an exceptionally beautiful tabby until I met someone at a party, who keeps bengals and showed him a photo of Richard P. He told me he was sure I had a Bengal. Richard is a beautiful silver colour with dark spots and stripes. His fur is also silky soft, so it’s impossible not ot cuddle him. It is his behaviour that is most striking though. He has very different vocalisations to my two domestics, his greeting and show of affection is not a nose touch, but a nose lick. His tongue is exceptionally rough – much more so than my domestics – so, while I grin and bear it, I cringe inwardly when Richard sandpapers the tip of my nose. Oh, then there is the water thing. He loves water and has no problem getting soaking wet. He’s also much more agile and acrobatic than my other two – does aerobic somersaults. He also does scary ninja stuff when a strange cat tries to come into our home. He’s very affectionate but I always warn people to back off when the tail starts lashing because if angry, he doesn’t scratch, he leaves deep cuts. He very rarely becomes angry though, he is the most affectionate, sweetest boy ever. His markings are assymetrical, but not very much so. On his one side he has more spots than on the other, which is more stripey than spotty. Having written all of this, I think he does sound like a bengal. Would you agree?

    1. He certainly sounds like he is, Marianne, from the description you have given πŸ™‚ He sounds like a real character πŸ™‚

  29. Thanks for the info. Its all the things I knew mainly, except for the asymetrical trait. Which mine has. The one thing you left out is the flash down the back on some. Mine has what I call her confimation cross. She has the flash and then acrossways near the shoulders is another cross stripe. I have noticed this on many Bengals. Although My Pashie is a cross breed apparently with Russian Blue. She is quite small for a Bengal but walks like a large Tiger. She is very vocal and almost talks to me. She loves climbing, so much so that as a young kitten not having developed her muscular strength she fell and broke her leg. After surgery with metal plates you would never guess to see her now. She is a great little hunter and caught her 1st mouse at 8wks old the 1st week we had her. Since then all sorts have been brought in to me. insect world stands no chance. Anything that moves she catches, I do sometimes manage to rescue them. Birds, mice. frogs, all insects. .She had a sister who was much larger and muscular from the same litter. Her markings were more precise then so I think now she would have displayed a better coat than Pashie who has more white. She got run over as she had a fascination on going into the road. We were all greatly upset and Pashie greived for her for some time . She was spoiled a lot to help her.. She loves a cuddle and is boss of the house. I have had many cats including tortoishell, tabby and ginger toms, but none quite like her, she to me is a one off ,who I love to bits.. I still feel upset when I think of the wasted life because a car driver did not stop at the road end as should have, where we live. He/her MUST have been speeding.. Im just glad that Pashie is a garden girl and afraid of traffic noise.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Iris. We’re so sorry about the loss of Pashie’s sister, it must have been a very tough time for all of you πŸ˜₯ It sounds like Pashie has wonderful fun in her garden and she sounds like a real character, as many Bengals are <3

  30. This was very helpful in understanding and loving my tabby, and makes me want to plan for a Bengal eventually. I currently share my house with a Somali and a ginger tabby, both females, and we don’t plan on adding to our family until both pass after a glorious life. They are 4 and 5 respectively, so I have a few years to research. I also admire the Main Coon, so I was wondering how the 2 breeds get along – Bengal and Main Coon? My husband and I are thinking they will be my next companions, in about 10 years. We will likely acquire them simultaneously form different breeders, so that they grow up together from kittenhood.
    Thanks for the great information.

    1. Hello Loraine! Thanks for your feedback and lovely comments. We adore Maine Coons too, we have heard that they make excellent companions for bengal cats πŸ˜†

  31. Hello! Love this page! Ive been wondering if my cat is half Bengal and i was just wondering if Bengal cats hiss she has never hissed but she seems to chirp in place of hissing ? And she is very loud when she meows sounds nothing like my other cat.

    1. Bengal cats can hiss, the amount they hiss will vary by cat πŸ™‚ Lula and I hardly ever hiss because we’re generally very happy cats! :mrgreen: xx

  32. I hiss really well. Mostly to backsass my human. I never ever meow, and when I’m really mad I howl in dog (my cat howl is different)

  33. My husband and I are the parents of two wonderful tabbies, Anthony and Vito Salvatore. I am fascinated by your FB site and want to thank you for creating such an informative portion regarding the “definition” of a Bengal vs. tabby. Also kudos to reminding people to use only responsible breeders. To date, I have only adopted kittens/cats from shelters but I can understand someone wanting a specific breed. Thanks again for all you do BCW.. Love all the pictures!

  34. Not true all bengals are asymmetrical, my bengal have a symmetrical pattern. This is part of why he was a bit more expensive, because he was known to be perfect. I am sure he’s not the only one this way and I am sure I have a true Bengal (registered TICA). Other than that great article.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Seb! My article was written around the GCCF standard of points which can sometimes be a bit different to TICA πŸ™‚

      1. Here are the exact words from the GCCF Standard of Points document: “There should be a distinct pattern with swirled patches or streaks, clearly defined but not symmetrical, giving the impression of marble, preferably with a horizontal flow.”

  35. Really enjoyed reading your tribute to Bengal cats especially!! I have one male spotted and striped bengal who is 6 months old and already 6llbs!!! My one looks very similar to Uncle Boo Boo!! Think he’s going to be a big boy! His dad definitely was! He is a rascal but such a wonderful bundle of joy at the same time!! πŸ˜† Only thing I will say is, it would be good to mention about how big bengals can grow, especially the males! In comparison to non-breeder cats they are somewhat larger!!! Anyways, great for you to take the time and share such wonderful facts! xx :mrgreen:

    1. Hello Chelle! Thanks for your lovely comments! I mention the size of the breed on my Bengal Cat Facts page πŸ™‚ This article was written to inform people of the differences between Bengals and tabbies 😎 :mrgreen: xxx

  36. I just want to add how exceptionally clever they are!! My boy is kinda like a dog trapped in a cat’s body!! He loves his tinsel ball and red sponge ball – me and my partner play fetch with him and he not only brings it back to us every time but he has recently learnt to catch the ball in the air when we throw it!! πŸ˜† He does other crazy tricks too! Is this the same as urs?! x

  37. Hi my mom adopted me in july from her local shelter and was told I am a dsh tabby. But she just stumbled across your site and is now wondering if I’m a bengal mix. I have very soft silky fur that has no ticking, I’m very verbal when I want something but do not chirp or bark, I’m very active and love to beat up my doggie brother. I love attention and being with my hoomans but do not like to be picked up. Also I like to wake mom up early by purring in her face and putting my nose on her eyes. Also I have a ringed tail with a soild tip the flash down my back and the odest marbling on my sides wich includes stripes and spots and appears to be asymmetrical. I hsve prominent whisker pads and a light chin . And seem rather large to be 8 months old. What do you think bengal mix?

  38. I am still kind of confused :/ I have been trying to figure out if my cat is mixed with bengal I definitely know he isnt full bengal but he does have some of the traits you mentioned but he only meows once in a blue moon and he kinda looks like the oriental spotted tabby as well only thing is he has white on all his paws and some white in the middle of his tummy. Maybe you can email me and i can send you a few pictures of him… his fur is super soft still and he is huge with a long body for his age which is about 6 or 7 months old

    1. Do you mean breed with a normal tabby, Lindsey? If so, then yes πŸ™‚ It becomes more difficult to tell whether or not a cat has Bengal in them when they are a cross/mixed kitty <3 xx

      1. Thank you. My Mommy said he is pleased I may be a Bengal. Thank you ever so much for getting back to me. I was only 3 months old in that picture of me munching on a chicken neck. Mommy now cooks them for me because I am fussy. I like to hang on our screen door!

        (Thanks for such a quick response! Sheba walks on a leash, fetches her toys and even comes to me on command. She’s just turned 6 months old)

  39. My kitten looks like a Bengal she tends to talk to me when she wants food or the litter tray and when she purrs she sounds like she’s blowing bubbles, I got her for forty pounds she was only five weeks old! She is now 11 weeks old and very active her coat is grey black and gold.

  40. My kitten looks like a Bengal she tends to talk to me when she wants food or the litter tray and when she purrs she sounds like she’s blowing bubbles, I got her for forty pounds she was only five weeks old! She is now 11 weeks old and very active her coat is grey black and gold. Thank you for your info I enjoyed the read.

  41. Thank you soo much for posting this. You have helped me narrow down what type of cat I might have , however I’m still not sure.I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I suspect that our cat Sam is a bangle or something crossed with a bangle. Ever since we picked him up on the side of the road one night , we knew there was something different about him. I asked our local vet if he was a hybrid cat , she wrote him off just a male tabby cat. At 1 year old he was almost as long as a yard stick , and weighed in at 13 lbs. This is the biggest cat I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of. He fits most of what you have said above. He has more of a chirp then a meow . His fur feels like you are petting a rabbit. His back end is a little higher then his front when he walks. He has the classic M on the face , and strangely a V shape between his ears. He is not much of a talker unless he wants outside to eat grass or stalk birds and explore. When he wants my attention most of the time it’s a slap on the butt , or leg , sometime even my back if I’m sitting down.He is a very loving and sociable cat . If he isn’t sleeping then he is following me from room to room or laying at my feet. He can be destructive when he get bored. I find him often trying to pull the carpet up on the floor , or rip into it. You can check out photos of him here

    1. Hello Emily! Thank you for your kind words and for looking after Sam so well <3 <3 I have had a look at your pics and read your comments, I don't think he is a pure-bred Bengal, but he could be a Bengal-mix! πŸ™‚ xx

  42. I adopted a kitten and the paper work said tabby but the older he gets I notice things. Really big ears, eyes, nose and huge paws. He has spots on his tummy and all on his side’s, his legs have very dark strips, like a Bengal but the spots are small like the oriental spotted tabby u have posted. He also loves to play in water and does this weird noise thing w his mouth when he sees a flying bug or a bird. Kinda like he’s really cold. Can I email u cpl of pics and maybe u can help me? Thank you in advance.

  43. My cat has most of the Bengal traits, however, she is not loud all the time. She was only very talkative when I first brought her home and when my Mom brought her cat over to visit.

  44. I have a question about what to feed my cat. I think she is at least part Bengal, farts terribly, not really a solid poo, and is gaining weight. She has been spade, but her weight gain concerns me. Currently she is eating Friskies Griller dried food and I used to feed her canned Friskies Griller too. She also eats table meat, like beef, chicken, turkey or whatever we are eating. She doesn’t like tuna at all. Any suggestions on what I should feed her. I can send a picture via email if you would like to see what she looks like.

    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hello Diane! First of all, I would advise you to cut out the table meat and feed only Kitty meals, a mixed wet and dry diet is best in our view <3 Try her on a grain free diet as some Bengals have an intolerance to grains. But any changes must be made gradually, sudden changes will cause upset stomachs and / or even smellier poo!

  45. enjoyed your article very much.. have been toying with the idea to get Bengal and now know something about them. thanks. i have had siamese in the past. what i like to know is are they careful with displays around the house when they are climbing around and do they always only use a dirt box and not the garden like other cats.
    thanks Alan

    1. Hello Alan! We’re so pleased you’re considering getting a Bengal. In answer to your first question, Bengals are not in general careful – many Bengal owners don’t have breakable things on windowsills etc. Or you could try using Blu Tack. In answer to your second question – Bengals will go to the loo outside if you allow them to go out. There are pros and cons to letting them out which I wrote about in an article in our Advice Centre section 😎

  46. Spot you were right on! I changed Daisy’s food to Nature’s Choice Chicken (dry food) and Nature’s Choice Chicken (canned food) and it seems to be working. No more drippy poos, much less farts, and she is starting to slim down. Thank You!

  47. Hi.First I would like to say I love this site it’s Magic!!…..I have two male 7 month old Bengal cats(Iggy & Pop.)Exactly the same as the brownish “inquisitive Bengal” cat you have pictured here on this site,but I have seen pictures of Egyptian Mau cats of similar colour,and now I’m not sure what kind of cat I have

  48. I just bought what I think is a cross bengal, she has a lot of the characteristics you described, she loves the bathroom sink when water is running and has now ventured into the bathtub. Could I send a photo for you to see her maybe you could see if she is?

  49. My bangal is solid muscle he has a very loud meow or other sounds he makes and u defo kno if u have one in the house he is so vocal … He’s soft to touch and a climber … He’s a very gental boy loves attention.. To b honest he loves his voice so much it’s like having a baby in the house..

  50. Hi.First,I’d like to say what a Magic site this is…….We have two 7 month old male Bengal cats.(Iggy and Pop.) They both look exactly the same as your photo of the inquisitive bengal you have on this site,but I have noticed that some Egyptian Mau cats look very similar,so now we are wondering if they are mau’s. Could you please give us some info into very distinguishing differences between the two.

    1. Hello Brian. If your cats have rosettes rather than spots, they are definitely Bengals rather than Maus as rosetting is unique to the Bengal. But not all Bengals are rosetted, so other things to look out for: The spotting on Mau tends to be more uniform and the spots are smaller. Bengal spots are randomly distributed and vary in size and shape much more. There are also differences in head shape. Bengals tend to get on well with other cats and dogs, whereas Mau prefer to be the only cat. Bengals are usually bigger than Mau too.

  51. I have 2 Bengal cross cats Ruby 1 year and Alfie 5 months – both mothers are pedigree Bengal and both fathers are international men of mystery. I opted for this combination to try to stop me worrying about a pedigree cat being stolen. Ruby had defined rosettes as a small kitten but when she got her adult fur it is the strangest colour and markings I have ever seen with lovely aquamarine eyes, she is quite solidly built. Looks nothing like a Bengal now but is stunningly beautiful. Alfie has very dark marbling and has gorgeous tiny spots on his lower legs. Although I think Bengals are beautiful I was mainly attracted by their personality traits. I have 3 other ‘moggies’ (ginger, black and black and white). Our 2 semi-Bengals have totally different personalities to the other 3. They are constantly chatting to each other and walk round the garden chirruping away. They do climb big trees and love a stroll along rooftops which terrifies my husband and I. And they adore water – Ruby even had her own personal paddling with toys last summer

    1. You have a lot in common with us, Kimberly! Three moggies and two Bengals πŸ™‚ We agree that the Bengals certainly are a unique breed πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experiences πŸ™‚

  52. I looked through the article and some of the other posts and I think my guy Jackson is Bengal and possibly Tabby mixed. He does have that extremely soft, silky fur and asymmetrical spots, but not rosettes. His fur also has a twinkle, as I call it, and yes, it is hard to capture in pictures. My reasoning for thinking Tabby is his other part is the line where you mentioned ticking. If I understood this right, then I could see this if, for example I ran my hand in the opposite direction of his fur, the strands would look (in his case) lighter at the “base” and gradually become darker toward the tip of the strand. Did I understand that right? That’s what he has. He has long back legs and the black tipped tail but his face is a bit narrower than the picture of your Bengal in the jawline area. Would you think Tabby as his other half? I could send pictures to show you.

    1. Hello Marisa! In terms of strict breed standards, it’s desirable for Bengals to have rosettes, but not all do. Similarly, it’s not desirable for them to have ticking, but some do! So those two things don’t automatically mean that your kitty isn’t a Bengal πŸ™‚ But feel free to email us a pic at bengalcatworld @ (no spaces) and we’ll be happy to take a look πŸ™‚ xx

  53. I have a cat that is mostly Bengal. His mom was purebred and papered, his dad half Bengal and half DSH. I named him Willis for his chattering and back talking. He’s quite the saucy little devil and my mom is scared of him. He takes a lot after Bengal in him but I’m wondering if his mom was an f1 or f2 generation because he is quite temperamental and aggressive sometimes. He attacks pretty much anything deemed as prey (including small dogs and he did take down my 90lbs GSDx once when she ticked him off) and he also does the whole prey stalk when he gets ticked off. I did socialize him but after he turned six months his attitude soured. He’s very picky about who he likes and if he doesn’t like someone he growls and swats. He will growl even if the person he does not like is in the same room. He’s very sweet to me and my boyfriend and indifferent our baby and he took a little rescue kitten under his wing even though she suckled him but other than that he’s iffy. When my mom was baby sitting him she had to put a bucket over him because he would not let her leave the room. I joke and say he’s 12 lbs of terror. He definitely back talks other people. If you’ve seen that picture of the cat with the caption “you’re not my mom!” That’s definitely how he thinks! Anyways, he’s a very interesting color, it’s not one that I have seen a lot of and I’m assuming it’s from the DSH in him. It’s like a silver grey but then also brown. He has lovely rosettes, nicer than some completely full Bengals. I’m curious about his teeth however. They are more than twice the size of our Siamese x Ragdoll! Is that because of the Bengal in him or is he just a freak? And is his aggression normal of the breed as well?

    1. Hello Jenna! Thanks for your words. There are very few breeders who breed from early generation Bengals and those that do are very careful about who they let their queens mate with. So it would be unlikely that your boy comes from an EG mother and a mixed father. In terms of the aggression, is he neutered? Bengals’ teeth are not particularly large, though 12 lbs is a large cat so his teeth should be proportionately quite big πŸ™‚ As long as Bengals are well socialised and neutered, they are usually no more aggressive than any other cat, though as with any other breed, there are always exceptions to the rule, and some cats are naturally a little more aggressive than others.

  54. Hi, thanks for the reply! Yes he is neutered, I had it done when he was 5 months old. Maybe he is just more on the predatory side aha. He does have a large head but, the other cat in the house is the same size as he is but they still have quite a difference in tooth size! Willis wasn’t from a registered breeder though he was just a ‘kittens to good home’ cat with a nominal fee to make sure he’d be taken care of. He does have issues with his back legs at an early age so he is on a strict feeding schedule to maintain weight because when he is on the pudgy side he can’t jump and balance very well. I suppose if his legs are bothersome that might contribute to his behavior as well.

    1. You should wherever possible buy from a registered and reputable breeder because they will ensure that their kittens are healthy and well-socialised from an early age. πŸ™‚ His aggression may be because he wasn’t, though he should get better with time if you give him lots of love and attention πŸ™‚

      1. He is very sweet and loving to me and my boyfriend! He was 8 weeks old when I adopted him (I will go with adopted because the kittens were going for $50 and I don’t support byb) and he will be 2 years old in April πŸ™‚ I think he just knows what he likes and doesn’t as he seems quite self aware for a cat. Thanks for your help Spot πŸ™‚

  55. I sent a message under the contact me page. Please let me know if it went through. Would love to know if my kitten is partly bangel. Thank you.

    1. Hello Roberta! I’m sorry we’ve not checked our messages for a little while πŸ™‚ We’ll have a look now πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you and I sent a reply. Hope you can help me figure out if my kitty has any bengal in her.. She sure is into everything and acts like a dog lol. If shes not then she is just an active hyper kitty and will be loved no matter what kind she is!

  56. I’m still extreamly confused about my cat. πŸ™ He looks like a tabby but acts like a bengal…. And yes i am extreamly farmiliar with bengals. I have a friend who has one.

    1. Unfortunately, if you don’t know his full parentage, Dannielle, it may be that you never know for sure πŸ™‚ But the main thing of course is that you love him πŸ™‚

  57. Hi Spot.How are you.Good I hope. I wrote to you earlier about our two bengals Iggy & Pop and I thank you for the very helpful information.But now a few friends have seen them I am even more confused.Living in Scotland,as you probably already know we have here the Scottish wild cat,and people think our bengals look like the Scottish Wildcat as they sometimes breed with feral cats.The experts reckon the wild cats could be going extinct as there are only around 400 pure bred wild cats in Scotland.So I have been looking on the wild cat website and now I am really confused.The website shows the real wild cat has a much more rounder muscular serious looking face,compared to our two bengals. I think they might be hybrid.My daughter bought the two bengal kittens(6 month old.)From a seriously ill woman living on her own struggling to cope with them.My daughter was told they were Bengals and gave no proof ,only a breeders business card Where she got them from.The breeders card had Bengals-Savannahs on it….If you have some spare time Spot when not sleeping,climbing the curtains or sneaking up on slippers,I would appreciate it very much if you could please have a look at this website. (Sorry it may be .com)

    1. Hello Brian! We’re very well thanks, and hope you are too πŸ™‚

      Yes, we are aware of the Scottish Wildcat, they are becoming endangered precisely because they are breeding with domestic cats and their gene pool is dwindling out, I hope they can be saved!

      So it would be quite possible for your two to be part Scottish Wildcat, certainly not beyond the realms of possibilities. I’m not sure if there is some sort of genetic test that would be able to let you know for certain, though I would expect that even if there was, it would probably cost a few pennies πŸ˜‰ I suppose it depends on how important it is for you to know as to whether or not you’d want to spend money on finding out πŸ™‚ Good luck, whatever you decide!

  58. Hello, I found this kitten (Max) in my friends yard this past November . I knew from the first week we got him he was diffrent, he is unlike any cat I have ever had. He is dog like, very intelligent , watches everything you do and even lays like a dog with his back legs strait out. He is very playful but doesn’t like to be held or snuggle. I think he might be a Bengal mix. He is grey/white with slight mixed in marble markings not the same on both sides, on one side looks like a c and he has a white line across his back like a basket handle with what I call racing stripes down his back side to his tail, stripes on his legs and face/ chin slight ringed tail solid at the tip but tail is short and stands angled towards his head a bit, and has a grey spotted belly which is lighter. He has big feet and short front legs. I’ve been doing some research online to find out what he is. He also has a stocky body and a flap of skin hanging from his belly. He is about 4 1/2 months from what I figure and is about 7 lbs. he also pounces like a tiger, sometimes on my face in the morning.. He is very dominate over my older tabby, he grabs her and bear hugs her with all his weight. I have many beautiful pictures of him if you would like to see. He is a georgous cat and I would just love to know what he might be. I have researched several diffrent types of cats and his personality most matches the Bengal . I would appreciate your knowledge. πŸ™‚ thank you.

    1. Hello Haley! It certainly sounds like he could be a bengal mix! πŸ™‚ You can send pics if you like to bengalcatworld @ (no spaces – we’ve put them in to deter spam robots πŸ™‚ ) xx

  59. i have a kitten,well shes about 5 months old now which is totally different marking then my tabby, she has very dary tabby stripes on her but spots that line her back. her speach is very different then my tabby. beginning to think she might have bengal in her. please help me try to figure this out. thank you

    1. Hello Sue! It’s very difficult for me to tell from just a few words. Perhaps if you sent me a pic that might help – please email it to bengalcatworld @ (don’t put the spaces – all one word). I’ll have a look and let you know! πŸ™‚

  60. Hi! This article from a Bengal breeder is a huge help for all of us around the globe that aren’t breeders but just have cats. I’ve learned one of my cats, a 4 year old neutered male, is of Bengal descent, but with some notable differences. Ticked fur, bulls eye on each side, symetrical patterning. Other than than those two points, you’d think him a Brown Marble Bengal.
    The really important thing to me though, is that he chose to be with me, and I accepted him. I kept a newborn from a truckbed birth and let a yardcats 13 week old kitten in a couple weeks ago. Two trips to a vet and she is happily part of my little family now. Tattoo, the part-Bengal, is a wonderful companion, and a kindly fellow to the young ones. And he is all about personality!
    Thanks Spot for the useful site and info!

  61. We are so lucky to have adopted Keeva . He is a pedigreed Bengal ( with papers), born in UK and brought to Chennai, India, by a German lady . Once here , she found she could not look after this beautiful creature ,and he was given to someone else. By a stroke of luck , he is now ours . We have caged our whole house in , so he is free to roam about inside with his friend Simi , a local Indian cat . Would love to send in pictures and news about him

    1. Hello Akhila! He sounds beautiful! πŸ™‚ Feel free to share pics – you can either share them on our Facebook page or email them to bengalcatworld @ (no spaces). We look forward to seeing them! πŸ™‚

  62. We rehomed a young female Bengal 4 months ago, and I’m wondering if its typical Bengal behaviour for her not to purr, or rarley show affection. She will lay with me by my feet. But I honestly feel like she doesn’t love me like my other cat. I wonder if she resents me for not allowing her out yet, because she hasn’t yet had her jabs. Or maybe she’s just a typical Bengal. She loves playing with my small dog and my teenage daughter. I look at her sometimes and think she doesn’t look happy!

    1. Hello Celia! Like humans, all cats are different with their own personalities. We’ve heard of Bengals who are not particularly affectionate, those who are extremely affectionate, and everything in between! A lot will depend on how she was socialised as a kitten, her history before she came to you may be a clue as to why she behaves like this now <3 xx

      1. My wife and I are interested in a Bengal. Our main concern is the effect it would have on an adult “runt” tabby cat we picked up at the animal shelter a year ago. Myna was found walking out in the county walking near the highway, She was shy and skinny as a rail, with all of her ribs showing, and we felt emotionally “obligated” to take her with us. Of course, we indulged her to the point that now she’s “fat” but quite mobile. Unlike my previous 2 cats, which I got as kittens and which were as friendly and loyal as puppies, Myna likes to keep to herself, sleep in her own room, and avoid any sort of cuddling. It’s only when she’s hungry that she suddenly becomes “social,” meowing loudly enough to wake us up and, if necessary, licking our faces until we’re fully at her service. Recently, she’s spent as much as an hour at the foot of our bed, and she loves to play with “Da Bird Catcher” toy. So my question is: would such a cat get along with a Bengal? Is there a strong possibility that a Bengal’s fierce self-confidence would cause her to lose some of the social progress that she appears to be showing?

        My 2nd question is, simply, can Bengal kittens become “people cats,” or even “bed cats”? (My previous cat slept on my pillow, on top of my head, every night–a great “stress reliever” for me.) Or are Bengals so wild and self-assured that they limit their human interaction to playing and feeding, resisting cuddling and preferring to be admired “from a distance”? (Will a Bengal curl up beside its guardian, accept petting, and do they purr? All of my previous cats would do so, and I must admit that I miss the contented sound of a purring cat.)

        1. (I’m not sure how the reply works. I didn’t mean to repeat my original post, so I’ve just deleted it.) I have a similar question about Bengals. They’re beautiful cats to look at and admire, but in the end what I liked most about my previous two cats was their affectionate, loyal, dog-like personalities. They bonded with me, slept on my pillow, and even followed me around the block without a leash. If one got out of the house and climbed a tree (once,it was a neighbor’s roof) and couldn’t get down, she would cry for me for help. When I got my hand within reach, I called for her to come, and she did, even allowing me to grab her at the top of the neck and bring her home. (She was less interested in going outside after that experience unless it was with me.) Because of their inherent wild traits, independence, and self-confidence, Bengals strike me as cats that prefer to be admired from a distance. Do they purr? (Even if its not in response to your feeding them?)

  63. Hi.My female cat is 2 years old, beautiful cat but has a completely different personality to any other tabby I have had.
    Silky soft coat
    Golden eyes, looks like she has eye liner on. small head
    Muscular body, longer back legs like a cheetah.
    Hates being picked up, only likes to be stroked first thing in morning for about 15 mins and when we get home from work.
    Very attached to my husband and if he is the house follows and meows if she can’t see him very loudly
    Won’t use the litter tray unless clean.
    Her markings look symmetric has spotted tummy.
    Her tail is ringed with black tip.
    Very wary of people she doesn’t know, only myself and my husband are allowed to stroke her, and when she has had enough lets you know!
    Can I post you a photo please

    Loves water.
    Only uses the litter tray if clean.

  64. lets see that can I say about Titto. Well first of all I found her as a kitten lost she was just skinny butt that’s it . I put her in a towel and took her home and thought this is is an interesting cat. looks kind of like a tabby but just has this unique personality. really playful and mischievous even sometimes. she will get another cat while they are using the cat box. She a prankster. If I turn on the bathtub water she has to get wet. she will stand directly under the water spray on her amazing fur is soaking wet and then she’ll get out and clean her fur it like some wild way of getting a drink lol. she is extremely territorial and if she doesn’t know you she takes off hiding. not about to come out .. she gives lots of love bites and makes sure her bowl is never empty. she runs to the bowl meowing every time I go in the kitchen and looks at her bowl even if its half full.She like to get underneath blankets or the rug in the kitchen .. looks so funny just her eyes and nose peeping out. she has a white chin she is gray like a tabby with white whiskers. she doesn’t have spots all over her but her fur is strange swirls but not very defined . she is just the most interesting and best cat I ever had.

  65. I was given a bangle but what ur site has to say I may not have one. But no. Matter I love her any way.she can be a little bossy at times but a lot of company other times I wouldnt give her up for nothing thanks for your info.

    1. You’re very welcome! People often mistake their kitties for a Bengal, they think that just because they have spots or marbling, they must be a Bengal, but this isn’t always the case πŸ™‚ But the most important thing is that we love our fur babies, no matter what their breed is! <3 x

  66. I have wondered for several years if my Misterz was a Bengal……..born to a stray tabby in our garage in march of 2009, I noticed from the start he had unique features. He was the largest kitten & he now weighs 15.2 pounds. He also has many other traits of a Bengal except the marbled fur. He also has the very demanding vocal personality like you talked about–when he wants something he will nag me to death & I have to stop whatever I’m doing to shut him up! My Dad was the first to mention he looked like a Bengal because the bridge across his nose is an inch wide. He has white feet & a white diamond on his chest so except for that & the marbled fur, the pictures & description make sense to me. I believe he is at least half Bengal if not more. Thank you for the information

  67. My wife and I are interested in a Bengal. Our main concern is the effect it would have on an adult “runt” tabby cat we picked up at the animal shelter a year ago. Myna was found walking out in the county walking near the highway, She was shy and skinny as a rail, with all of her ribs showing, and we felt emotionally “obligated” to take her with us. Of course, we indulged her to the point that now she’s “fat” but quite mobile. Unlike my previous 2 cats, which I got as kittens and which were as friendly and loyal as puppies, Myna likes to keep to herself, sleep in her own room, and avoid any sort of cuddling. It’s only when she’s hungry that she suddenly becomes “social,” meowing loudly enough to wake us up and, if necessary, licking our faces until we’re fully at her service. Recently, she’s spent as much as an hour at the foot of our bed, and she loves to play with “Da Bird Catcher” toy. So my question is: would such a cat get along with a Bengal? Is there a strong possibility that a Bengal’s fierce self-confidence would cause her to lose some of the social progress that she appears to be showing?

    My 2nd question is, simply, can Bengal kittens become “people cats,” or even “bed cats”? (My previous cat slept on my pillow, on top of my head, every night–a great “stress reliever” for me.) Or are Bengals so wild and self-assured that they limit their human interaction to playing and feeding, resisting cuddling and preferring to be admired “from a distance”? (Will a Bengal curl up beside its guardian, accept petting, and do they purr? All of my previous cats would do so, and I must admit that I miss the contented sound of a purring cat.)

    1. Hello Samuel. Thank you for your questions and your interest in such a wonderful breed. The simple answer to your questions is that it all depends on the cat! As with any breed of cat, you will get different personalities between different cats – we know of many Bengals who are lap cats, bed cats, purring cats. We have also heard of instances where they are more aloof too. Our two Bengals are twins yet are sometimes as different as chalk and cheese! Spot loves a nice cuddle, Lula hates being picked up but will purr loudly when you pet her when she’s on the ground, in her bed, etc! Lula is very active and loves running around in the cat garden – Spot would prefer a nice snooze in a bit of sunshine somewhere.

      Both Bengals get on well with the 3 non-Bengals we have.

      The way to try and ensure you get the cat you are looking for is to always research reputable, registered breeders. Then go and visit a few to make sure the kittens are well socialised right from birth – the first 8 weeks of the kitten’s life are crucial. If they are raised indoors with plenty of love and handling, they should grow into well balanced adults. If they are kept in a cattery outdoors with little human interaction, the chances are they will probably be more aloof. We have written another article about choosing a breeder.

      Whilst most Bengals are self-assured, if you make sure you go to the right breeder as described above, very few are “wild”. The Asian Leopard Cat that they are descended from are actually very timid cats, looks and misconceptions from uninformed people sometimes gives Bengals a reputation that is completely undeserved for the vast majority.

  68. Our part Bengal cat( mom was a naughty girl and got out) runs through the house making this kind of sound that I just realized is hard to describe. It not a meow it’s more like a song or high pitched loud purring. It is so funny. He only meows that crazy meow when he can’t find me in the house or if he really wants my attention. I have two other cats and have to say we enjoy this odd little fellow so much.

  69. i brought a kitten from my friend as there dog was going to kill them sadly and because they had no papers and all that i don’t know what bread she is. she has these leopard print type makings on her fur but only a few of them she also has these spots on her belly and these dominate black lines on the tip of her tail and i don’t know what the dad looks like as the mom just went out and got pregnant. I’ve seen bengal kittens and she kinda looks like them but her spots are not as clear as the pictures I’ve seen. so i really don’t know what she is, she is loving and kind love kisses and cuddle and loves play fighting so if anyone can help me and explain her markings and what breed she is i would really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Shannon! It would be unusual for an un-neutered male Bengal cat to be wandering the streets looking for a male, though of course not impossible! As you’ve no doubt read in this article, many breeds and domestic shorthairs can have spots πŸ™‚ But it’s very difficult for me to decide what breed your girl is without seeing a pic (and even then it’s not always easy) Please send a photo or two to bengalcatworld @ (no spaces) and we will certainly take a look for you! πŸ™‚

  70. Hi! I’m currently reading articles trying to figure out my cat. I know who his mother is, but not his father. After reading so many bengal articles, im starting to think he might have some in him. He is very talkative and affectionate. He tends to what i call make a “bird chirping” sound a lot when he gets excited. He also likes to put his tail straight up in the air when its time to snuggle and put it at a slight crook and haul off running when he gets excited. He LOVES baths and LOVES playing in the water. Theres not ONE night that i cant take a bath or shower without him getting in it. He also likes to take car rides and stick his head out the window. His fur is ticked, but feels like silk. Everyone always compliments how soft he is. Everyday when i get home, he knows the sound of my car and comes running to greet me. He also knows his name and will come by command hearing me call it. Sorry this is so long, im just trying to shortly explain my cat as much as possible. I’m very curious to know what the other side of him is. What are your thoughts?

  71. Hi there I brought a kitten (8 weeks old ) from my friend because her dog was putting them into danger so they couldn’t stay. When we started to spend time together I realised I didn’t know what breed she was so I wanted to investigate. From research she could be a Bangal or a savannah but I truely don’t know. She is very talkative,smart ( learned litter tray in one day) has a lot of energy, wants to climb everything ( even me), she has these spots on her fur, a black ringed tail and very long legs but Her fur is not shiny. Also I don’t know if it teething but she likes to bite a lot in a playful way but sometimes she forgets and goes for it, she is very playful every hour mintue,second it’s play time and she’s good with new face she just wants to play and cuddle with everyone specially me I don’t know if it is because I was the first to hold her,meet her and feed her but she loves sleeping with her mummy.
    So yeah I just want to know what breed she is because I know no info of mum and dad.
    Shannon and tyga

    1. Hi Shannon! It’s very difficult for me to be sure but she could have some Bengal in her. Does your friend not know the breed of the mother? I can understand that the father is not known in lots of cases, but usually the mother is πŸ™‚

  72. I forgot to explain his look. Hes got a striped body. Hence the name, Tiger. The stripes are black and the rest is a caramel color. He’s got a black tip at the end of his tail and when it puffs up I call it a “raccoon tail” because that’s what it looks like. He’s got big oval green eyes and a broad brown and rusty beige colored nose. His ears are defined and his belly is heavily spotted, not tiger striped. He just made 2 years old in April and he is 20 inches long (not including tail or being stretched out) and he is 7 inches wide shoulder to shoulder.

  73. I just adopted a Bangle cat is what there saying he is. I saw some pics here but sure if he is or not. He is 7 mths old . If I sent a pick of him can you or someone poss tell me?


    1. Hi Tom! Feel free to send a pic or two to our email address: bengalcatworld @ iCloud .com (remove spaces) πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Taunya! If you’d like to send us a photo, we can take a look for you! Please email to bengalcatworld @ (remove spaces) πŸ™‚

    1. As with any kitten, you must first ensure that your hands are washed and sanitised. If you are not the breeder, you shouldn’t really touch them before they’re 2 weeks old, and even then only very gently and briefly <3

  74. Hi there I’m dual and my new owner is very kind n lovely n looks after me so well. It’s only come about that I’m a bengal hybrid bread. Since my new owner only took me in after a not so great start I don’t have any papers to state my bread…see I’ve just had a litter of kittens n clearly my owner wants them when ready Togo to good homes where there not going to be miss treated or bread from to make money out off them but in order to ensure that we need papers so how my owner go about getting me and my babies registered

    1. Hi Caroline! As you saw, I’ve answered your question via the message you sent to our Facebook Page πŸ™‚ xx

  75. Hi I have a cat marlie when we got her at just 5weeks old (left in flat on her own) I was white every month new markings came an I has the bluest eyes ever she feels like silk an sparkles in the sunlight she is marbled.. She likes to look at water (sits on edge of bath while I’m in there) but doesn’t want to get wet..she loves to clean herself an is very fussy about her litter cubical an food…she loves to play fetch with little foil balls an comes when I whistle she is very playful with my dog an loves to curle up to him too sleep.. She is very vocal an stands by fridge an yowls when she wants chicken…she has the small head longer back legs an her nose an whisker pads are how you described she also has oval shaped paws with brown pads..I thought she was some sort of Siamese but after reading your articals am positive she is a Snow Bengal it disent matter what breed she is as I love her sooooo much but it is really nice to know and helped me with her food as her back used to roll and gave now worked out that it was food with salmon in…thank you love marlie an me

    1. Hello Marlie! It certainly sounds like you could be a snow bengal! How awful that someone abandoned you though πŸ™ We’re glad you have a loving home now <3 xx

  76. I love this site and I’m so happy I came across it!
    I’m about to buy a cat whose owner has had for 9 months but due to being transferred to new zealand will not be able to keep it. He says he’s got the papers and all, but I notice that the fur is symmetrical on both sides. Can I be sure based on this that this is not a pure breed? I don’t mind either way, but because I have a young child I prefer to understand the personality of the cat that is about to join our family (and also don’t want to pay for a bengal if it’s not).
    Thank you for helping!

    1. Hello Tatiana and welcome to our site! We’re glad you came across it too πŸ™‚ Sometimes marbled Bengals can be symmetrical, so it doesn’t mean your kitty isn’t a pure bred. Make sure you see the papers before you commit any cash – that should be sufficient to put your mind at rest? <3

  77. I really enjoyed your articles about bengals. We have 2 bengals a silver f4 and a brown f3. They can jump up to the top our our shelves about 7′ high! The f3 can get a little wild at times. almost seems mentally unsure, but when he’s wearing his collar he knows who he is and is quite proud and confident with it. (Our f4 won’t wear a collar).

    1. Oh and my daughter’s friend says our cats act more like dogs than cats (very smell driven). Although the f3 once roared (like the scream type roar you hear from wild cats) at something in our yard once. It was blood curling, but whatever it was, he scared it away. They’re very good guard cats and it something it out there they’re tails get all poofy and they do a number of things to scare the concern away.

      1. Thank you for your kind comments, Cheryl! Your Bengals certainly sound like real characters! 😎

  78. I have a 2 year old kitty named Muffin who I rescued as a tiny kitten. I know for a fact that he is a mix of sorts as his sisters all look totally different from him (one is a shaggy grey cat). However, early on we noticed that he is very different from other cats we have had in both personality and appearance. I am wondering if he is in fact part Bengal. He is quite large (13.5 lb), athletic, and slender. Muffin also displays some unusual behavior like turning on and off lights, opening doors, playing fetch, playing hide and go seek, and turning on the garbage disposal. He loves water and seems to only drink from a running faucet. He also loves to be around people, and is a constant source of energy. We joke that he never sleeps. Additionally, he has a teeny head, long ringed tail, large round ears, the glitter in the fur, the soft pelt-like fur, and the marbling. The only difference is the coloring. He seems to be an orangey- white marble with a snow white tummy that is a tad bit more muted that the distinct marbling of the Bengals I have seen. Other than that he seems to have every other characteristic.


    1. Hello Kara! Unfortunately we can’t open your pics, though the description you provide of your boy certainly makes it sound like he could be a Bengal mix! πŸ™‚ x

  79. Love the descriptions! Four years ago I got a Bengal mix kitten from my friend’s brother. He is absolutely beautiful. Although he is mixed with a tabby he came out the most beautiful colors of brown & black marbled. His dad was a very large spotted guy….so handsome. Lance is very athletic & used to jump on top of the 7 ft armoire with ease. His eyes look almost yellow inside but outside they are green. Very lean with long back legs. Big feet that don’t seem to match his long legs & little head! His nickname is bigmouth as he only shuts up when he’s relaxing or sleeping. He won’t stay inside & won’t use a litter box….will only go outside. His favorite game is fetch. He is very friendly with us but will not socialize with anyone else. We can carry him upside down like a baby & he loves it. Love him!!!

  80. It was good to read spots comments about Bengal cats, are little cat was called spot and such a caricature we have never had a at like him before, I think he was part tabbie but a special part of are family. We would like to get another one but think we may be better with a part Bengal as they sound as though a full Bengal would be expensive thank you again linda

  81. Question….I have a Bengal Tabby mix. His dad is a beautiful spotted Bengal and my boy Lance looks exactly like a marbled Bengal. I downloaded a pic from a Bengal site that looks almost exactly like him. Even the vet was surprised he’s a mix. My question is how can he look and act exactly like a Bengal considering I read that the only way you get a marbled version is to breed 2 Bengals that have the gene. He has great markings and doesn’t even have that bullseye that apparently isn’t desireable. His mother is clearly a tabby. I also have a question about his coat. He is very soft and shiny with a thin pelt like coat. Recently he scraped himself on the back near his tail & the top layer of his fur came off. His undercoat was kind of wiry and coarse rather than the soft sleek feel of his top coat. Is that normal? My other DSH cats don’t have fur like that. Weird that it feels so great but underneath it’s so wiry. Just curious.

  82. Hello,
    I was wondering if you can help me. Our cat Tilly is 9 months old now and when we got her I was told she was a bengal cross with the mother being a full bengal and escaping before she was spayed who was then mated by a male tom. Although with me being a bit of a novice on breeds I wasn’t sure until afterwards if she was a true mix (sorry to those who disagree with cross breeding however she’s still a wonderful and beautiful pet who I love very dearly!) To most she looks like a regular tabby, however from doing a bit of research on bengals she does seem to possess certain traits such as black paw pads, quite prominent whisker pads, very loving and vocal/inquisitive! Eats almost anything if I would let her? Chirps and clicks at birds outside? Has a “glittery sheen” to her coat in the sun and leopard spots on her tummy. I have tried to get these features in the photos although they don’t quite do her justice. I have had her spayed and she has had all her jabs. De-flead and wormed etc. very well looked after. I know some of the traits mentioned do not make a domestic cat a bengal mix but she has a very feisty personality and people think she is mad for a normal “aloof” cat! If you could take a look at the photos and get back to me with any comments I would be very grateful πŸ™‚
    Thank you

    1. Hello Liv! In some pics she looks like a regular tabby but in others she does have that Bengal look about her, so I would say there is a strong probability that she is a mix! πŸ™‚ xx

      1. Thanks for the reply, yes that’s why I was a little bit sceptical but she definitely had that glittery shimmer to her coat in the sun. And she is a little character – very intelligent! Thanks again x

  83. Hey I am not sure if this is a Bengal kitten or not there are 2 of them and an orange one and one other tiger striped one they are feral kittens with their mother outside my home I have been trying the past 2 days to gain their trust to catch them they are about 6 or 7 weeks old their mother is a tabby tiger strip with some orange in her not sure about their dad but I was just wondering if you think it could be or not I am not sure if you can see this picture it is 4 shots of the same kitten I am hoping to keep him/her once I can get all 4 of the kittens and get them more socialized with humans ^-^

  84. Just adopted one and a mm curious if its a Bengal or a tabby or what. Please email me and help me decide what one it is. THANKS

  85. Hi just wondering if you can help with a quick question, my bengal was loud and noisy constantly until I had her spayed, she now rarely meows unless extremely hyper and trashing my house while playing. But she makes kind of whirring noises when she’s trying to communicate with me or my other cat(who’s not bengal) . Otherwise she’s totally happy and content. Anyone I know who has met a bengal or has one claims they are extremely loud and noisy, did I just get an oddball? She’s also still quite small at 18 months. Hope you can help, I’m puzzled!

    1. hello Katie! Unspayed females are usually much louder and will miaow (or ‘call’) more than spayed ones. So it’s not unusual for them to be quieter after spaying. Though if you are in any way concerned, it wouldn’t harm to take her to the vet for a check up πŸ™‚

  86. This was very helpful as too I was looking at a Bengal this girl in my town is rehoming and she fits the Bengal criteria she said she has papers just was looking to make sure cause papers really dont mean anything I am very excited to get my new family member now. Ty

  87. I’m not sure if my Poyo is a Bengal or not. o:

    I’m allergic to cats and I heard Bengals are hypoallergenic. I haven’t sneezed around him and he doesn’t shed.

    He has a white belly, white paws, and stripes everywhere. He is definitely marbled but in a slightly different way. His fur feels soft and has just a very unique feel to it.

    He has little arrows over his eyes, which makes me believe he is a Bengal because they all have them. And his eyes are just so wow. They’re hazel-ish and he has very small pupils.

    He loves to play, always active. But he’s also very cuddly.

    I have never seen a cat like this before so for him to be a Bengal, makes sense.

    Any help?

    1. Hi Katie! He sounds wonderful! We would never claim that Bengals are hypoallergenic, though many people who do have allergies seem to react less to them than other breeds – we have witnessed this ourselves with some of our allergic friends who have met our gang πŸ™‚ It sounds like your boy could well be at least part Bengal πŸ™‚ Please mail us some pics as these will help in us giving you an opinion (click on ‘mail’) πŸ™‚

  88. I just recently got a kitten and I think she’s Bengal. Or at least part Bengal. She has the most beautiful golden glow (the silkiest fur I’ve ever felt on a cat) and I wish I could show you, but I can’t figure out how to put a picture on here. I feel I captured it perfectly. I was just wondering if you could tell me if she’s Bengal or not because her spots aren’t exactly like the spots shown above. She doesn’t have rosettes.

  89. Im not sure im my Benitzio is a Bengal or not!
    His coat is ticked and almost stripped which makes me think he is just a tabby but his personality is crazy! He is extremely loud and naughty but will cuddle up the second you pick him up. His meows can get very loud if you dont respond to him and sound gargled almost.
    His body is very big but he isnt the slimmest. He has similar facial markings to a bengal kitty, has the white spotted belly and the black tipped tail, his back legs are also quite larger then the front and he is VERY soft. Any idea? THANKS!

    1. Hi Sarah! It’s difficult for us to tell from just a description, but it sounds to us like he’s a wonderful tabby with a big personality! πŸ™‚