Funtime in our Garden :)






Hello my friends, Spot here!

What a wonderful few days we’ve had in our World recently 🙂 We’ve  certainly made the most of it by spending lots of quality time outdoors and even I enjoyed a nice bit of fresh air and had at least an hour’s less catnapping time compared to normal 🙂

We’ve been making the most of our wonderful garden and I’ve been taking time out to appreciate all the lovely things the hoomins provide for us in there 😉

We have lots of platforms where we can chill out and watch the world go by…



And we can sometimes get a little carried away and go even higher by climbing on the roof!

Lula on the roof


Though of course Lula usually prefers to have a little snooze inside the house rather than on top of it 🙂

Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


There’s things to keep us in tip top condition, like lots of scratchers

Lula having a pawdicure


And we never go hungry as we can eat al fresco!



There’s lots of grasses for us to hide and play in

Spike in the grass


And Lula in particular adores the patches of catmint that are dotted around

Lula in the catmint


Annie likes to be helpful on laundry day by making sure there’s nothing left behind in the wash basket when the hoomins are hanging out the washing

Helpful Annie


We haven’t had any snow for a long time, so the hoomins put this on one of our perches to make it look like there was some!

‘Snow’ on our perch


…. though they said it was to make it more comfy for us 😆


If we ever want to be extra comfy, we can of course keep an eye on our cat garden from inside mummy’s office 🙂

Lula keeping an eye on the cat garden


And we’re so excited about our new addition, which is still to be finished – our new waterfall!

Annie and Spike testing out the waterfall


But after all the hard work of enjoying the garden, the best thing to really do is chill out and maybe have a nice catnap or two 😉

Me chillin’ (again)


I’m just hoping the weather stays nice for a few days so daddy can finish the waterfall and we can inspect his work and make sure it meets our standards 😆

Take care my friends!
Love from



12 thoughts on “Funtime in our Garden :)”

  1. Ah Spot, seems your Daddy never runs out of ideas to add extras to your wonderful cat garden. You kitties are really spoilt and I hope you realise that when you plot your next escape route. Thanks for this latest collection of lovely pics.

  2. Some wonderful pictures of both you and Lula. I bet you can’t wait until your Daddy finishes the waterfall, I know how much you Bengals love water. Don’t forget to put your swimsuits on!

  3. You are all just beautiful as ever..Spot…gorgeous..always..Lula…a little Queen..Anne… petite lil’ doll..Spike.. so handsome…All of you kitties are just adorable..Love your Blogs… xoxoxo

  4. Hello, I’ve been catching up with all the blogs. I enjoyed the pictures and story. Lots of love and hugs to mummy and daddy .Love Zoe xx

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