Exploring in the field

Hello everyone!


I hope you are enjoying this lovely Caturday! We’re having very strange weather here, it is very un-June-like!! But we don’t mind all the rain and the wind, it brings lots of bugs out which means more for us to chase!


I had a good morning exploring today in the field… no matter how much time I spend in there, there is always something new to see 😆


Bengal cat blog photo
What’s that over there?
Bengal cat blog photo
It looks quite interesting!
Bengal cat blog photo
Ooohh.. it’s quite a big nettle!
Bengal cat blog photo
I’m not sure I like that after all..


That nettle wasn’t very nice, it had leaves that bit me 😯 !!


I think I will stay away from those in future! I thought it was only other cats that could bite… is there anything else I should avoid when I’m on my adventures, do you think?


Bye bye for now,

Love from Spot





2 thoughts on “Exploring in the field”

  1. Stay away from roses – they look beautiful, and they smell gorgeous, but the thorns are nasty!

    Beautiful photos, by the way, Spot! 🙂

    1. Thanks, John! My daddy has just pruned a lot of the roses, so there’s not much of them left! I asked him why he bothered to grow a plant, only to cut it back as it seems to me to be a waste of time….. 😀

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