Every cloud has a silver lining…


Hello my friends, Spot here!


It’s been such bad weather here in the UK recently… we are meant to be in summer time now, but all we’ve had over the last few days is rain, rain and more rain! Some parts of the UK are flooded again which is not very nice for those poor people and their pussy cats I’m sure  🙁


I was watching that screen thingy that shows all the moving pictures with my mummy the other day, and there were people camping out at music festivals, but it was just all a mud bath! I don’t think I’d want to walk in that, my paws would get so dirty and it would take a lot of licking off! Or – perish the thought – even worse, my mummy might have to give me another bath 😯  Oh no! I don’t want that. I think perhaps I won’t complain as much after all when I’m stuck indoors…. 😆


But one good thing about all this rain is that it brings out all the greenery in the garden and the countryside, and it can look very lush and beautiful! It’s also a great backdrop for our daddy to take lovely pictures of us cats, so here’s some of my favourite ones that he’s taken over the last couple of days:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Spot looking out over the territory
















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Friday enjoying a rare bit of sunshine















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Harry in the garden















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Robbie by the pond

















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula catching flies (as normal)























I hope you liked these photos as much as I did: my daddy takes such lovely pics, doesn’t he?


Speak again soon!

Love and purrs,




2 thoughts on “Every cloud has a silver lining…”

  1. Yes, they’re beautiful photos :). You and Lula are looking particularly clean and well-groomed, too ;). In fact, you’re all looking fit and healthy, which is lovely… although Harry’s looking a touch cross about something ;).

    1. Oohhh…. John, you’re teasing us about having had to have a bath, aren’t you? Naughty rabbit 😆 Harry isn’t really cross, he just doesn’t really like having his photo taken! Robbie, on the other hand, would sit and let you take his photo all day if you wanted to! 😀

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