Hello my friends, Spot here!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Sitting on our cat house roof



Ooooh! It’s been so windy here today! It means there’s been lots of leaves for us to chase, but sometimes, it’s just better to chill out and enjoy the fresh air, don’t you think? Lula and I have chilled out a lot today!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula having a rest


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
If it rains, we have shelter inside the cat house!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula’s stolen my place on the cat house!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
The sun came out for a little while…





You know… it’s a hard life being a cat sometimes! Particularly when you can’t use the tin opener to get to the tuna! 😆


See you soon!
Love from Spot xxxx


9 thoughts on “Chillin’”

    1. Thank you, John! Yes, my fur is starting to thicken up a bit, ready for all the frosts and snow we’ll get! How are Newt and Henry? I don’t suppose they get winter coats?

      1. Well, it looks lovely, and will look after you when the wind’s blowing – I hope it doen’t get *too* cold for you, though. Newt is well, and running around like a ten year-old kitten, which is wonderful! Henry’s had a bit of a relapse, so Dr. Tom will be visiting to see what to try next. Henry’s starting to get his “winter face” – he grows a *huge* winter coat :).

        1. Oh no 🙁 I hope the cat doctor can mend Henry soon 🙁 I didn’t think he would get so much of a winter coat if it is warmer where you are, but clearly I was wrong! It is great that Newt is still so playful – our Friday often runs around like a kitten too, and she’s 14 🙂

          1. Don’t worry, Spot – he will! He said it might take some time,, so we’ll just keep at it until he’s better. There is no other way as far as we’re concerned :). By the way, it’s not uncommon for the temperature to get down to -15C or -20C in the winter here, and for there to be lots of snow. I love it!

  1. As usual, Daddy has taken some beautiful pics of you ‘kids’!!!! All of you at BCW are gorgeous kitties and I love all of you!!! Keep the pics coming Daddy!!!

    love, prayers, kitty kisses and head bonks for all from me and my crew of 11. ..

    1. Thank you, Diane! We hope you’ve enjoyed your “weekend” today and yesterday 🙂 Lots of time for you to spend with your fur-babies xxx

  2. You always brighten my day with such beautiful pictures of LUla and Spot. They are just magnificent and adorable creatures! Thank you!

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