Brown Spotty Fun!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Phew! What a wild and windy few days we’ve had recently! There’s been quite a lot of flooding in the village next to ours, but thankfully we’re not affected and we could still get out into our cat garden today 🙂


Even I admit that it was good to get out in the fresh air and stretch our paws! I think Lula was in more of a restful mood, though, as she stayed indoors – so it was just us three brown spotty ones who braved the elements 🙂


It started off with just Spike who was sitting on the cat house, thinking about birdies….


Spike thinking about birdies

… When all of a sudden he heard a noise behind him!


What’s that noise?


He went to investigate and pretty soon came across the source of the noise – little Annie had just come into the garden!

Hello Annie!


And then I came in and found my mini-me right behind me 😉


Hello Annie!


Annie and Spike decided to play a game of who can jump the highest, so Annie jumped on top of one of the perches


Annie happy on her perch


But Spike said that was much too little, and jumped on top of the (closed up) washing line!


Spike on the washing line


Annie said that was nothing and made him get off so she could go up there instead!


Annie on top of the washing line!


Spike got bored of that game so decided to hide in the bushes so he could try a sneaky pounce when Annie wasn’t looking!


Getting ready for a pounce


But Annie was pretty wise to him and knew what he was up to


Annie knows the score


Meanwhile, I sat and watched the birdies


Watching the birdies


And then Spike decided it was time to go and explore the other corner on his own


Spike the Explorer


Whilst Annie waited near the gate ready for daddy to take her indoors and give her some of MY favourite chicken treats 😆


Annie waiting for daddy


And then it started to rain again so Spike and I went into my mummy’s office and covered her sofa in muddy paw prints 😉


Take care my friends!
Love from





6 thoughts on “Brown Spotty Fun!”

  1. Oh no! Not muddy paw prints in mummy’s beautiful office 😯

    I’m glad you are in flooding danger. Mr. P was just asking if all my UK friends are okay because “they” are sending the army in somewhere, he didn’t say where. I hope your weather improves very quickly! ♥

    1. Thanks, June <3 Lots of parts of Shropshire flood due to the large rivers in the county but we are ok here. It's been quite bad in quite a lot of places though, we hope everyone affected is ok <3 xxx

  2. Oh dear, muddy paw prints… You could get in trouble 😯 . Hope you have begged for forgiveness with mummy, given her some cuddles and kisses! 😉 If so I think it´s ok 😀 . Love you all furry ones! <3 <3 <3

    1. My mummy said she is thankful the cover comes off the sofa and she can just put it in the wash, Betta. So we will probably get more muddy paw prints on it before long 😉 <3 <3

  3. Sounds like you had a great time in the garden. It’s good to hear that you were not affected by the flooding. I feel sad for all the people who have been less fortunate. I’m sure mummy was okay about the muddy paw prints, it’s good to know that you keep her company in the office. Xx

    1. Yes, we have seen some terrible things not eh news with the flooding 🙁 My mummy says we can get away with anything! 🙂 xx

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