A Year in our World – Part Two

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations, whatever or wherever they may have been. As I said to Edna on our Facebook page, I’m only three years old so I couldn’t stay awake that late and was enjoying a lovely little catnap by the time the clock struck midnight 😉 Luckily there were hardly any fireworks around us so I didn’t get disturbed 🙂


Thanks for all your lovely comments for yesterday’s post – we’re glad you enjoyed the first part of our year in review; let’s hope you like the second just as much! Quite an important event happened in this episode, one that would change our World for ever!




Easter fell in April this year. And something magical happened on Easter weekend… On the morning of Saturday 19th April, three little furry babies were born to Flirtie who I showed you in the first part of our review yesterday 🙂 She had two gorgeous spotty girls – a brown and a snow – and a brown spotty boy too!


Our breeder, Sue, was very pleased that all three kittens seemed healthy and happy and Flirtie gave good signs of being a wonderful mother, looking after them with lots of care.


You’ll no doubt notice that I said these babies were born on the morning of the 19th…. In the evening there was a bit of a surprise! Just when everything seemed settled, another baby decided to make an appearance – 10 hours after the others! This was a BIG boy, and seemed to be quite a light, almost blue colour, though neither parent carries the blue Bengal gene so this shouldn’t have been possible.


But my mummy and daddy weren’t too perturbed by all of that because they were due to have the brown spotty girl and got regular updates from Sue as to her progress 🙂 Here’s the babies when they were a couple of weeks old


© www.bengalcatworld.com


Pretty soon all 4 babies were named – my mummy and daddy chose the name Annie (pedigree name Tobysden Tsarena Anastasia) for their girl, whilst the snow girl was called Mia and the boys were called Vladimir (chosen by Andrew, his future daddy) and Coco.


Mummy and daddy went to see Annie as soon and as often as they could and it soon transpired she was a bit of a cheeky girl! 🙂


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Annie having a little nibble




The kittens continued to make good progress and Flirtie turned out to be a wonderful mother! 🙂


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Flirtie enjoying motherhood


The babies were starting to explore their surroundings out of the nest, though they did sit still long enough for a group shot now and again 😀 Coco had developed rich brown colourings by this time, he had clearly come out of his Blue phase 😆


© www.bengalcatworld.com
L-R: Vlad, Mia, Annie and Coco


Whilst visiting the babies, my mummy and daddy also met Lucy, another of Sue’s stunning kittens who was then around 5 months old, though she was big for her age!


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Sue’s beautiful Lucy


Meanwhile, back in our world, Lula and I enjoyed playing in our cat garden as the weather was so glorious!


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Lula enjoying the Spring weather




Time flies by so quickly and pretty soon, June was upon us! With it came some bad news…. mummy and daddy thought they wouldn’t be able to have Annie any longer 🙁 But all was not lost as Sue was happy for them to have Coco, the boy she was originally going to keep for herself. So very reluctantly the decision was made and not long after that, my mummy and daddy chose a different name for him – Spike – though his pedigree name (Tobysden Tereschenko) had already been registered and couldn’t be changed, though this was not a problem anyway.


However, my mummy and daddy were very sad that Annie wouldn’t be joining our World as they had become rather attached, mummy in particular….


But show time was here again and this time it was off to Ellesmere Port for the Merseyside show! Neither Lula nor I got placed in our title classes though Lula did win best of breed (again) 🙂 Little Lucy who you met earlier won not only Best Foreign Kitten but overall Best in Show Foreign Exhibit – a superb achievement!

© www.bengalcatworld.com
Lula and her BoB rosette


© www.bengalcatworld.com
In reflective mood….


After the show, I had a word with my mummy and daddy. I told them I didn’t really enjoy going to shows at the moment, so they agreed that I could have a break from them. We’re not sure how long for but we’ll see how it goes….


And so that’s the first half of the year in a nutshell my friends! Join us for more reminiscences in our next instalment!


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot


20 thoughts on “A Year in our World – Part Two”

    1. Oooh yes, June! He is so laid back, it must have started in the womb! He’ll only do things when he’s good and ready 🙂 xxx

  1. I’m pleased you renamed Spike, I don’t think he’s a Coco! I remember how excited we were when Annie was born, how we had some mixed feelings when you were going to have Spike instead of her and how pleased we were when you had them both! I’ve been thrilled to follow their progress but that doesn’t mean I’ve deserted you and Lula Spotty cat, I have your’s and Lula’s photo in my living room, you can see it in the photo I posted of Loki! You’ll always be my No 1 boy, love you and love your blog xx <3 <3

  2. Oh Spot…..what an aweome year so far…..you have a very good memory….I had forgotten some things, especially about Spike being a slowcoach! The last photo of Lula …she doesn’t look impressed………..is she sticking out her tongue at the judges? 😉 Saving the best till last……………………the one and only, the beautiful Spot! love you …. <3 have a pawsome day, stay cozy xxx

    1. Hi Mairi! Yes, Lula was sticking her tongue out as she hadn’t gotten anywhere in the Olympian class. Mind you, it is a very tough class indeed so it’s hard to be placed!

  3. Such lovely pictures of beautiful kitties. Don’t tell anyone Spot, but I still think you’re the most handsome of all! Xx

  4. Oooh so exciting Spot reading all about the year. Mummies phone is mysteriously able to read your email blog again ❤️️ Anyah it hasn’t worked for weeks & weeks

    1. Hello! There was a problem accessing our site via iPhones and iPads in some parts of the UK, but my mummy managed to get to the bottom of it and fix the problem so now all should be well again! 🙂 <3 xxx

        1. Thank you, Anyah! She really pulled her hair out over the problem for a long time so we were all glad when it was finally fixed! 🙂 xxx

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