Look what Lula’s doing!


Hellos, miaows and purrs to you all! I hope you are all well!


I thought I’d write about Lula again today… it’s been such lovely weather here in the UK for the past few days, perfect for getting out and about and enjoying some outdoor activity 🙂


As you know, I love to climb, but Lula does too! So here she is in various stages of climbing our favourite oak tree which is at the bottom of our garden – we are so lucky to have it, we just love going up and down it several times a day!


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
Here I am!


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
Going up!


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
Looking at the view


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
This is the lovely view we get from the tree!


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
How do I get down?


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos
I'm not sure that was the best way of getting down!


So there we have it! Lula’s tree-climbing antics in a nutshell!


2 thoughts on “Look what Lula’s doing!”

  1. Some beautiful shots, as always. Lula is quite the tree-climber. Did Mummy have to climb the tree as well, to get the view shot? 🙂

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